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    Best knife steel selection article in the history of knife making ever?

    Great article! I've heard a number of makers on different forums remarking on how underappreciated AEB-L is as a harder-use knife steel. Reading this article makes me think that is correct.... Thanks Tracy.
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    sheath relief.....

    Here's my rub.... I don't like wearing a belt. I no longer have a butt to even make one suspenders it is... I am not alone. I love leather sheaths...along with beautiful wooden stocked rifles...etc. (roughly translates to I'm gettin' old...) so black N tactical is not my...
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    Bowie San mai

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    That would be downright wearying....:(
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    Big Basketweave Bowie

    Whoa! A+ on everything!
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    A new customer took delivery last week of one of the sharpfingers I'm currently making. He was showing off his new knife to some guys at work and the local "expert" decided the sheath was crap...after some minutes of trashing the sheath...he decided the knife was "okay" and then rammed the knife...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    new batch done...Changed the design a bit for nicer sheath fit...looks better, feels better, fits better...
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    Dressed Up Folder

    That is crisp! Super attention to detail! (nuthin' new a beautiful design.
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    First Knife Build

    Nice job. Very clean pin holes and lanyard tube hole.
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    Giraffe bone

    super talented guy! His customer base is a lot African big game hunters...hopefully the AR ban doesn't affect him.
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    My PayPal alternative!

    wifey and I were just discussing this stuff last night...
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    My PayPal alternative!

    Thank you Derek!
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    What's going on in your shop?

    I rough mine on CNC...grind after HT. you have speeds and feeds and cutter choice very dialed to get finishes that nice!
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    What's going on in your shop?

    super clean!
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    What's going on in your shop?

    I ground 6 knives today! (smallish sharpfingers) I now grind sitting down due to congestive heart failure...and it's getting easier. I'm whooped but feel like I really accomplished something today!
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    I have to brag!

    Kaleb....any of us would be proud to own a fine knife like that....ENTER!!
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    Quick easy Hamon

    Agreed. I commented on a post by an excellent maker on a knife that was gorgeous a few years back. It was perfect! except the makers mark was drastically tilted...and I commented on it...the elephant in the living room. No else said anything but I know they all noticed. I don't think he's posted...
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    Quick easy Hamon

    I think Bruce is comparing differential hardening that produces a hamon to anything done cosmetically that achieves the same look as differential hardening from HT. I believe his question is...if done merely for cosmetic reasons...would the OP's methods really be misinformation? Correct me if...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Randy and Taz...spectacular work!! (love the Van Gogh...)