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  1. dsloan

    Subhilt figther

    Here's one I just finished up. Opinions? Thanks Dave from Diller
  2. dsloan


    Here's a question. What would everyone like to see demonstrated at our next shop tour? I'll let the next location slip. It will be held at Doug Stice's. Dave from Diller
  3. dsloan

    Next Shop Tour Slated for January

    Hello all, The next KCKA shop tour will be held January 22 down at Steve's in Meridan. We are still putting together what will be done, but I can guarantee there will be discussions of knives, knives on display and good all around knife related comradeship. Dave from Diller
  4. dsloan

    Next KCKA Shop Tour

    Hello all, The next shop tour is scheduled for Steve Hansen's shop in Chanute Kansas. I hope to see you all there. This is the schedule of demonstrations: 10:00 The scheduled start time. Shortly there after Dave Sloan will do a blade forging demo. 12:00 Lunch will be available. Steve...
  5. dsloan

    What's everyone working one?

    Let's see what everyone is working on. I know some of us are getting ready for the blade show. Let's see something cool. Steve? Or any ole thing you got lying on the bench or have been working on. Here's one I just finished up for the local Bike show. Every year I donate a knife to...
  6. dsloan

    Up coming KCKA Shop Tour

    Coming up soon! Shop Tour #4 April 3rd 2010 - David Sloan's Shop (406 Kelley St. Diller Ne 68342) 10:00am - Start with a meet and greet and tour. 11:00am - Dave Sloan demo on touch marks and three different ways to do them. 12:00pm - Lunch will consist of Catfish and BBQ pork...