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    Loveless copy.

    Here is a Loveless copy made much like the ordinals, has a 4 3/4" 440 C blade with a 400 grit satin finish is 9" overall , is flat ground has a brass guard that is pined and soldered, ordinal green canvas micarta scales, brass pines with nickel silver centers, brass lanyard liner, tapered tang...
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    Something from the past

    Here is something different from the late 1970 s , the handle is an ivory cane handle, the guard and sleeve are 14 k gold. This was made up by a jeweler in Reno by the name of Tommy Newton, but is not signed.
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    My brother has his Gravermeister with control peddle and hand piece, ball and sharpener and bits for sale, the ball is home made as is the sharpener, he is an engeneer and a master mechanist so may be better than what you buy. Here is the bad part, he is older than me and cannot ship it, he is...
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    Mammoth Ivory & teeth

    Some of you may know of this sores for mammoth ivory & teeth, if not here it is, https//
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    Iron wood scales

    I have 15 iron wood folder scales,they are all book matched are dry have been in Nevada for at least 10 years, not stabilized, 7 are 1 3/8"x 3 5/8" , 8 are1"x 3" they are from .170" to .200 thick, great for small folders, make me a resemble offer. $6.00 to ship Deane They have been sold...
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    Last California Knife

    This is the last California style knife I have left, don't think I will make any more time seems to be after me. The blade is 5 3/4" made from 15 n 20 and boiler plate, nickel silver and bronze for the guard, mammoth bark scales, nickel silver pins, nickel silver frame for the handle, nickel...
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    Hidden Tang Tool

    Saw some one was doing a hidden tang but now cant find the thread. This is the tool I use to do a hidden tang, first drill a 1/4" hole hole in the center of your handle put this tool in your fordom and you can rabbet out your handle to accept your tang, it has a .190 carbide ball cutter silver...
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    Damascus twister.

    Rigid 400 pipe threader power head only, on Reno Craigslist $ 200.00 would make a great twister
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    Leather sewing machine

    Leather sewing machine, here in Reno on craigslist there is a new Corba 17 for $1200 good price. Deane
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    Nickel silver sheath for a Woodhead

    I just finished this nickel silver sheath for this knife, it is a George Woodhead made in Sheffield England in the mid 1800s , the handle and guard are silver. The knife can be put in the sheath eather right or left witch is not common with this style of a blade, the sheath is a little longer to...
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    California Mini.

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    Loveless copy.

    This is a Loveless copy done like they were done 24 years ago, it is 440 C flat ground tapered tang, two pins threw the guard, solerd , green canvas micarta, brass pins with nickel silver centers, brass lanyard hole liner, pouch sheath hand sewn. I made four of these when I bought my Burr King...
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    Charlie Weiss

    Do any of you guys in Arizona know if Charlie is still with us ? I have been trying to get in touch with him for an engraver friend of mine and his, if you can help thank you. Deane Sweet
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    Mini. San Francisco Knife

    Just finished this little San Francisco style knife the blade is 440 C the scales are mammoth bark, nickel pines silver guard and case, 3" overall .
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    Gun-Sav'r finish

    Here is a product some of you guys may have a use for, you can get it at Brownells it is Gun-sav'r gunstock finish. I have used it on a wood japanese sword case and the walnut scales on a folder, am very pleased with the results. Comes in spray can will run and tends to build up around holes and...
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    Handle wrap

    I have a wakizashi handle I need wrapped, it is 4" long the ray skin is fine done in black, have the menuki let me know if you do this. Thanks Deane
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    Three new knives.

    I have not posted in some time, here are three small knives I have done resiliently , thay are only 8" overall the two double edge are 440 C, sheaths are nickel silver as are the sleeves on the MOP. the bowie style blade is damascus, the sheaths is silver as are the fittings, the engraving is by...
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    Two bowies from the same billet, the little one is done in silver and mother of pearl from the late 1800's, the sheath is also silver, the larger one has a 7 3/4" blade, handle is three pieces of walrus with nickel silver spacers, the third knife is a WW 2 M4 I am trying to save. Deane
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    Lile knife

    This little jewel got into my shop thru a crack under the door, it is a Jimmy Lile, it came from an estate, it appears to have never been used or sharpened, do any of you collectors have any idea of it's value, the owner would sell it.
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    California styal knife

    Here is something a little different, it is a modern California style knife, nickel silver sheath, damascus blade steel by Buzz Johns JS , the handle is made in three pieces is steel blued with silver inlay, the engraving and inlay is done by Edwin Scotton.