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    damascus blades

    got 4 up on the block all out of1/8 in. alabama damascus billet hollowground and HT by me. stabilized buckeye and koa and natural bone blonde buckeye 7 1/2 oal ,3 1/4 cut edge 220.00 bone 7 3/8 oal;3 1/8 ce sold dark buckeye 7 3/8 oal ,3 1/8 ce sold hawaiian curly koa 7 5/8 oal, 3 1/4 ce...
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    few off the bench

    all in my favorite 52100 elk sold ,middle stabileiZed buckeye butter nutter 180.00 black n orange g10 150.00 desert ironwood 180.00 some more elk long boner (SOLD) 180.00 skinner sold
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    i aint dead

    but i could a been.7 weeks ago i pulled over on side of the road a few miless from my house to make sure i had my wallet for goin into town,found it behind the console stuck it in my pocket just in time to look up and OH $&^^ .teenage girl doin who knows what plowed into my drivers side rear ...
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    nutt cutter

    tryin to get this one finished up 52100 blade an spring with mr.doyles koa i have got to figure abetter way to do my nicks
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    HT oven?

    was in process of gettin oven up to temp ,as it hit 1800 i walked away and returned to the pyrometer dropping.all lites are on .checked the 220 all good ,need to check the fuse on oven,its the knifedogs oven by the way. any suggestions for tomorrow after it cools down, i left the blades in...
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    no shows and new patterns

    as it says no show buyers and a few new patterns .these will be headed to the sale block d2 and bocate no frillls 6 in.oal elk and damascus B&T d2 and elk hidden tang german stag and ni/slv damascus 440c ivory paper mic and stab,koa koa bone and damascus
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    foil ?

    whats yals fix for foil stickin to the blades/HT 5 blades today and only 1 came out where the foil just peeled of most i had to grind off,glad i left a little extra meat, oh they were AEB-L,d2 and440c
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    leather,elk and steel

    few projects gettin finished up made set of elk for a my OM rss4x,a new shuck for my flattop44 sp.and gettin a few blades smoothed up
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    off the bench

    2 more from the dungeon from 1/8 in.alabama random damascus billet,full flat ground with stainless hardware elk with black liner and thorn an vine 3 1/8 tip to scale 7 in. oal. 15/16 wide white camelbone with yellow liner an thorn an vine 3 1/8 tip to scale 6 7/8 oal 1 in. wide...
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    comin off the bench

    after 3 weeks of super cleanin and rearrange and buildin new benchs ,i finally got some blades almost finished.did i mention i hate cleaning!!!! white bone & alabama dam. craft elk &ala. dam. english walnut &ala.dam. purple bone &ala.dam. a utility set of etched 1084 and bois'de arc AEBL& G10 6...
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    knifedog kiln mod ?

    anyone have the knifedog kiln and did a PID mod to it . not havin real good luck on my alloy steel .doin great with my carbon , D2 but i recently worked 3 blades of AEBL .just little EDcs but i snapped 1 rushing to much on my straiting it after the first temper and noticed LARGE grain growth...
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    long days and nights

    what 12 + hrs . a day in the shop has produced in the last 6 days all X mas orders cept 2
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    old dog needs help

    just have ? on blade color of my D2 blades that come out of the oven. wrapped in 2300 foil.double fold and i hope sealed good an tite,cold oven ramp to 1100,held for 10 min ramp to 1850 for 25min. took em out 1at time and to the plate .first 1 color was white after unwrap.secondhad blueish...
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    cork belt ?

    just got some cork in from the Boss,thought there was a screw up ,man are they got some texture to em . they are 600 grit,whats the correct way to break em in as ive read around,HELP dont wanna screw em up not knowing
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    damascus and stag

    buckshot pattern alabama billet and real sambar stag with buffalo,all nickle hardware 4 1/4 blade ,9 1.4 oal 1/8 in flatgrind with a little thorn and vine allwork performed by me in my humble little dungeon
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    slight recurve

    i am so tired of this crappy Tandy leather. bout ready to order some C & w this month. cant seem to keep a good stamp in it the way i would like and too many blems,is it just me or does some of yal experienced hands have the same problem with Tandy? crappy pics i know but its rainin here...
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    raindrop n sambar

    heres 1 of 5 i finished up last few days ,it was a customer ordered but alas,he lost his job and now have to find a new home for it. alabama billet raindrop pattern,stainless hardware and sambar 7 3/4 OAL 3 3/8 to guard
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    made a trip across the river and hunted a hog tourny in Tx. this past weekend. caught 10 hogs in all but only turned in 4 biggest that would walk across the scale . got a few dogs wrecked and drank a lotta suds,great time bein in the woods with freinds. only got a few pics so heres a few just...
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    got my hands full

    gettin caught up on orders is puttin a cramp in my hands.grindin and sewin left to right . pig sticker ready for sheath for a hog huntin tourny in texas .2 big damascus hunters headin for Amarillo,3 in. edc ready for sheath,5 in dam. sticker not sold"or finished",2 more dam.edc should be...
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    hey ya'll

    new to this site and really like it. just an old semi retired brickmason,uncle sam wont let me completly go. been makin knives off and on a few years but just startin to hone it up a bit . dont make a whole lotta different style blades just a few that i think work well in the huntin...