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  1. BrandantR

    Hello from the Ozarks!

    Welcome to the forum. It's nice to have you here with us.
  2. BrandantR

    Wood Identification?

    I've seen buckeye burl that looks very similar to your photo.
  3. BrandantR

    When am I a “knife maker”?

    I think there is a natural progression of what we call ourselves as we move forward into knifemaking. We might start out saying that, "I am learning to make knives." It might go from there to, "I'm a new knifemaker," and move on to, "I'm a novice or intermediate knife maker." We often add...
  4. BrandantR

    Maker’s Mark On Damascus

  5. BrandantR

    Drop Point Liner Lock With Mammoth

    Thanks gentlemen! It's an oldie but a goodie. I made this one about 3 years ago. I've since reduced the size of my maker's mark by about 50% which looks much better in scale with a small knife like this one is. Thanks for the comments.
  6. BrandantR

    Lock back whittler

    Nice !!!
  7. BrandantR

    Knife #666- canister damascus subhilt

    That's some terrific work, Jason! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.
  8. BrandantR

    Another Folder

    That's a great question. Anyone who has worked with lightning strike CF knows exactly what you're talking about. I find that if I finish it up to about 400 grit and then take a piece of wood and "burnish" it from all different directions, those little stabbies break off and then you can...
  9. BrandantR

    Folder bearing question

    The knives I make are thin, gentleman's style knives where my blades are usually 0.1" and liners are 0.050". I use 0.625" caged bearings like Ed described. Because the liners and blade are so thin, I'm forced to counterbore both the liners and the blade. I leave a little wider clearance of...
  10. BrandantR

    Koa Hunter

    That is a knife to be treasured. Terrific design, materials, and execution. Nice work!
  11. BrandantR

    Another Folder

    Thanks, Justin. This Bobcat design usually has a drop point blade, but at the request of the client, I modified it to a wharncliffe. I think I like this blade better than the original.
  12. BrandantR

    Morland Picture Gallery

    Nice work, Dennis! I always enjoy seeing your knives and sheaths. You have a unique style that is easily recognizable. Thanks for sharing.
  13. BrandantR

    I really like knives!

    Welcome to the forum. It's nice to have you here with us. All of the makers here truly appreciate collectors. Without you, we would probably still make knives, but we would have stacks of them piling up somewhere in the basement instead of them being used and loved. I hope you enjoy your...
  14. BrandantR

    Medium sized trapper

    Fancy! Very nice work, Craig.
  15. BrandantR

    Some Koa and copper

    What a great little user, Daniel! That's one to be proud of for sure. Nice work on the sheath too.
  16. BrandantR

    Frame Handle ready for final assembly

    Man, that's a nice one! Very well done.
  17. BrandantR

    Another Folder

    Thanks, Gentlemen. This one is one of my favorites to leave my shop.
  18. BrandantR

    Another Folder

    Here's a nice little gentleman's knife that I finished up last week. I call this design my Bobcat. It sports a Mike Norris Damascus blade, zirconium bolsters, and lightning strike carbon fiber scales. I love how this one turned out. It made me sad to put it in a box and send it off to a new...
  19. BrandantR

    Finished Bowie

    That's a beauty! Very nice hamon too.
  20. BrandantR

    Leather keepsakes

    Nice, Dennis! Love your leather work.