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  1. Daniel Macina

    Competition chopper geometry?

    The Texas knife makers Guild has a hammer in next month and there will be a cutting competition and I think I will take a competition chopper. Has anybody made one that can give any kind of tips on the geometry? Looks like most of them are flat ground with a convex edge. It looks like in some of...
  2. Daniel Macina

    New smoker!

    Thought I would show off my new smoker as I know there are a few BBQ people in the group. It’s a Old Country Pecos. Got it seasoned last night. Also treated myself to some meat church rubs. Have a good weekend guys!
  3. Daniel Macina

    TW-90 surface grinder Sold

    TW-90 surface grinder. Pretty much brand new. Only blemishes are from tightening down the tooling arm and a little bit of Epoxy or something on the handle that could probably be scraped off neither affect performance at all. This has the extended magnet as well. I was thinking sold shipped...
  4. Daniel Macina

    Surface grinder chucks?

    Been looking quite a few surface grinder Chuck’s for my surface grinder and was just curious exactly what you’re paying for with them? I know the fine pole are going to be more expensive as are the electromagnetic but aside from that there is still quite the price difference with some of them...
  5. Daniel Macina

    Bought a surface grinder

    So I scored this nice Brown and sharp 3000 ctr 824 surface grinder this evening in a auction! Now for the tricky part of finding someone to load and haul it for me!
  6. Daniel Macina

    USPS Question

    Does anybody know with all the Covid stuff if the USPS has to let your package sit for a certain period of time before Processing and shipping? I sent out four packages several days ago and they still haven’t even been scanned in.
  7. Daniel Macina

    Lansky GAW

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully this is the right spot to post this. I would like to give away this lansky sharpening system. It’s the normal kit plus the strop. Used a few times but like new. Strop doesn’t come with its own rod but you can use one from the other stones. Good system just not...
  8. Daniel Macina

    Embroidery machine?

    Has anyone thought of getting a small embroidery machine for knife cases, patches, hats that sort of thing? It seems like a good idea but I’ve not heard of anyone having one so there’s got to be some reason. Any thoughts on it. Thanking something similar to this. It’s small but I don’t think I...
  9. Daniel Macina

    Bandsaw blade slipping

    Hey guys. I have the harbor freight vertical/horizontal metal bandsaw and last night I noticed the blade was slipping with even the slightest pressure. Wheel was turning but the blade wasn’t. It was staying on the wheel though. I Tighten the blade way down past where it needed to be and cleaned...
  10. Daniel Macina

    2” bag punch

    Does anyone have an extra 2 inch bag punch for leather work they are looking to sell? Need one for the KITH And it looks like my usual places are sold out of them. I’ll pick up one on Amazon or something if I have to but I would just as soon buy one from someone on here if they have it
  11. Daniel Macina

    Ironwood Hunter

    Thought I would go ahead and make a thread for this one so I could spam a few more pictures than I wanted to in what’s going on in your shop since you guys really gave me some great advice on handle contouring. Still has issues but my cleanest so far I believe. Plenty to improve on though...
  12. Daniel Macina

    One more quick lightning question

    Sorry I have another quick lighting question I know there’s been several started lately but a few of them are getting a little old or didn’t pertain to this specifically so I didn’t want to hijack them. If I missed one real recent I apologize Does anyone have any thoughts on these as shop...
  13. Daniel Macina

    DeMo saves the day!

    So I got my first archery buck last night and our usual game Processor wouldn’t take it and it was real warm out and the deer had been dead a while so I had to quickly process the dear myself. Wasn’t expecting to do it if I didn’t have all my gear sharpened up and ready to go except my KITH...
  14. Daniel Macina

    How to get a nice butt?

    Made you look didn’t I? Hahahaha! in all seriousness when shaping my handles I keep having trouble getting the butt to look right I like a nice swell similar to what is pictured here but cannot seem to get it consistently no matter how hard I try to keep my steps consistent from handle to...
  15. Daniel Macina

    Got my KITH knife from DeMo!

    I got this little gem today in the mail. Can’t say how much I appreciate it Mr. Morland. It Fits my hand perfectly and I really love the blade shape and wood not the mention The sweet pin placement. Also love what you did with the liners and of course your leather work is always spectacular...
  16. Daniel Macina

    What to make a slip joint pattern from?

    I have plans to make a slip joint soon and would like to make some sort of a Prototype to make sure everything works like it should before using all the nice materials. What would you recommend making the prototype from? Thanks!
  17. Daniel Macina

    Daniel’s KITH WIP

    I don’t have very much time in the shop today and I’m almost out of propane so we won’t get very far this time but I’m gonna start on my KITH knife. starting with some 1/4” 80crv2 because that’s what I had laying around.
  18. Daniel Macina

    A thank you

    Just wanted to say a sincere thank you to all of you. This is the most generous caring place on the Internet in my opinion and a community I am proud to be a part of. Y’all have really Been a huge help to me learning knife making. Honestly been a pretty tough year for me and I always smile when...
  19. Daniel Macina

    Hapstone sharpening systems?

    Does anyone have any experience with the hapstone sharpening systems? I’m looking Specifically At the R1 and the V8 models. Has anyone had any experience good or bad with them? Thanks!