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  1. JawJacker

    Belt exhaust

    Ok so I’m grinding away, go to change belts and my exhaust snatched and digested a 36 grit belt in one second, crazy fast
  2. JawJacker

    Sucker for CL

    Is this a deal I should pass on? I keep looking at this scrap thinking I could use it. Any ideas??
  3. JawJacker

    Checked stabilized burl repairrr

    Im about finished on this stabilized burl handle, I was hoping to sand past the imperfections (voids) and how big it to big to repair. My other question is, what are my options? or best ones, super glue? Ill post some pics later tonight. Thanks
  4. JawJacker

    Need some advice on a Mark 1

    Im reconditioning this Mark 1. Question I have is, what is the BEST way to clean up the ricasso area without creating a trench in front of the guard?
  5. JawJacker

    12"or 14" smooth contact wheel

    To start with, I dont want to buy both. Im leaning towards the 14" I have only flat ground so far so. I realize 14 gets you a higher grind and more flat but I dont only grind large blades. Im also convinced Im overthinking this, any thoughts??
  6. JawJacker

    Anyone running a 7inch drive wheel direct drive 2HP

    Thinking of ordering the 7 inch drive wheel, but the torque with @2hp 1740 motor might be to weak at low speeds. Any input thanks
  7. JawJacker

    Old Cleaver handle advice

    I should have gotten a pic when this came to me, it was caked with rust. Im looking to re-handle, my problem is the handle was tapered thin and bent some. What are my options?? hidden maybe??
  8. JawJacker

    Where are you guys getting the best deals on P100's ???

    Looking to order a case or so from China on flebey. Anyone do this?? Some places are nuts for what they want for 1pr.
  9. JawJacker

    1 1/2 hp Baldor is this a deal?

    I know this is not TEFC but for 50 bux I could build a filter box on the end maybe?? what do you think?? it is 3 phase. I do have a VFD on the radar very soon.
  10. JawJacker

    Working plastic lumber

    I have a box of plastic lumber I wanted to see if I could make some slab handles anyone have any tips for working this stuff?? Im guessing epoxy won't work to well.
  11. JawJacker

    Tip for eye protection

    I haven't picked up any eye protection for my HT operation. I got to thinking I'll try my welding helmet on grinder mode, worked very nice. EZ on the eyes.
  12. JawJacker

    Is this Wilton worth it??

    I got this guy down to 80 bux for this wilton vise, is it a deal??
  13. JawJacker

    What direction do you prefer, why?

    Those of you who use a grinder to sharpen, what direction is your belt traveling and why? I always have used away from the cutting edge. lately I have noticed more and more toward the edge. What am I missing??
  14. JawJacker

    Was on vacation in TN

    Stumbled onto this place while on vacation out in Pigeon Forge seemed like some cool fellers havin fun. I didn't have the time to meet these guys, but they looked mighty patient teaching guys with two left hands. Old Mill forge I believe.
  15. JawJacker

    Question on my grinder build (Almost done)

    I looked at McMaster Carr for the 40lb gas strut-shock. I cant figure what one you guys are using, looks confusing dont want to order the wrong one. David
  16. JawJacker

    Anyone using the HF 18 LB vibratory tumbler??

    Are you getting good results? Are they worth the time? Or did you build your own? Looking to order one. Looked around YT mostly see the nuts and bolt and brass guys using them. Thanks
  17. JawJacker

    Small DP tip to add.

    I'm used to using a stout drill press for work almost no flex. I purchased this small bench top, it does well, but way to much flex on the table. I placed a small bottle jack underneath and now its amazingly truer and relatively quick to adjust. I saw someone using a clamp, but I think this is...
  18. JawJacker

    Looking to pull the trigger, any thoughts

    Gavko posted on YT this cleaner he purchased, he loves it. I need something with winter coming. I was thinking I could make one but............ Grinding in the shop when its nice out is no problem I have a...
  19. JawJacker

    What free cad are you guys using for folders

    I've downloaded 3 they don't seem to be easy at all to use.
  20. JawJacker

    Grinder WIP

    I decided to make myself a grinder, all I have now is a 2x42. I have outgrown it to say the least. I don't have 3k+ for one right now, so this is the road I'm taking. I not a metal project guy, I took some ideas from whats out there. I have a 1hp on there now until XMas then I'll treat myself to...