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  1. Gliden07

    Bench top surface grinder

    Just got a surface grinder from my Dad, he bought it at an auction years ago. Needs a little work someone tried to grind the table and really messed it up. I was going to take it to someone and have them mill it flat? Also want to get a small magnetic chuck for it.
  2. Gliden07

    Machine Gauge cleaning

    I inherited a box of machinist tools from my Grandfather. I was going through them a bit to figure out what I have and there are alot of Starrett tools which is nice. One of the items is a Starrett Last Word indicator probably hasn't been used in 40 years and the dial sticks. Is there a safe way...
  3. Gliden07

    Press Build

    Been wanting a press for sometime now. 12T Coal Iron $3K, 16T $4700, various others all over the place! I dont have the disposable income now but, I still want a press! What to do?? BUILD IT!! Had the book a friend with a Coal 12T (which I based mine loosly off of). Been chipping away at it for...
  4. Gliden07

    Small Production

    So I'm starting to work smarter (I think??)! Made 6 AEB-L blanks, 4 Paring, 1 Fillet and a Boneing knife. 2 sold. Other 4 going to be for stock (H/T blades grind in Bevels) leave them with no scales then when I get an order I'll handle them with the scales of customers choice. I have to buy Dry...
  5. Gliden07

    Cactus Juice

    Are there any other wood stabilizers besides Cactus Juice that work well. I can't believe the cost of that stuff!! Thanks!
  6. Gliden07

    Folder Book

    Looking for a reference book to build folders. Being new to this was wondering if anyone can reccomend a good reference book. To many out there to just pick! Thanks!!
  7. Gliden07

    1080 Steel

    I have a chance to buy some 1080 steel for $1 a pound. That's a good deal I'm assuming?? I've always bought buy the lenth!
  8. Gliden07

    Knife case

    New "FOR SALE" Case going into a friend of Mines Cigar shop! Most of the knives in there won't be going up there but the Chef is. Going to be mostly Kitchen knives going in it. Just wanted a beauty shot before I bring it up and figure pricing etc.. Any input is welcome as this is a new...
  9. Gliden07

    Epoxy Dye

    I need to color some epoxy for a knife im working on. I had some Black dye specifically made for this but it hardened up (so I threw it out). I need to get more but in the meantime (because of shipping) what will work to color the Epoxy. I use the 45Min West Epoxy.
  10. Gliden07

    Digital Angle finder

    I've been meaning to pick a digital angle finder up for some time. Well, I keep forgetting to get one!! The other day I could have really used one and kicked myself again for not getting one but, got me thinking maybe there's an App for my phone?? Low and behold there is so I downloaded it! I...
  11. Gliden07

    G10 Lanyard tube

    I've been looking for some G10 Black lanyard tube. I can't seem to find any? Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks!
  12. Gliden07

    Welding Table

    Hey guys, don't know if any of you may interested but I just bought this Little welding table with a set of fixturing tools. It is definitely not for production work. But nice little table for the sale price of $169 plus shipping. Straight shipping to me was $52 but if I joined their yearly club...
  13. Gliden07

    Winkler rescale

    Winkler knife I rescaled for a customer. After this one he sent me 4 more and the Handle material too!
  14. Gliden07

    Felt platen

    Anyone have a place to buy or a plan to make a felt platen?
  15. Gliden07

    Jordan Lamothe Class

    Well gents gonna finally get to do me Camp Chopper class with Mr. Lamothe starting tomorrow thru Sunday! Looking so forward to doing it as a step towards my JS. This is the type of knife I'm planning on doing for my performance test. So stoked!! GF got me this for Christmas so it's even means...
  16. Gliden07

    Boba Fett Mosaic Pin

    I know I saw these somewhere. EDM Boba Fett/Mandalorian mosaic pins. Anybody know where I can get them? I have a customer that is a Bounty Hunter looking for his stuff!
  17. Gliden07

    Grinder opinion

    Ok guys I've been thinking of adding a new dedicated horizontal grinder to help me with efficiency. I'm on a shoe-string budget. I have a 2HP 3ph 1725 RPM motor, wheels, arms and platen from my Reeder. All I really need is a frame and VFD (Also considering using my current KBAC with a DPDT...
  18. Gliden07

    Brisket Knife

    I had a repeat customer ask me about making him a brisket/slicing knife (with scalloped edge). I can't think of a way to make the Scallops with any real consistency. Has anyone made one of these or done a scalloped blade? Any ideas on how one would replicate blade with any consistency? I know I...
  19. Gliden07

    New Fillet Sheath

    I've been trying to up my game as far as sheaths go. I've really been working on my hand stiching and getting it nice and symmetrical etc... So I went back to Basics and really concentrated on the stiching. While this certainly is not a difficult sheath to make I thought it was one of my best as...
  20. Gliden07

    Reworking knives

    I recently did a "Quickie Project" for a friend (didn't charge him). I took a Tops UTE knife he had and modified it to what he wanted. It came out really nice he was really excited when I returned it. All of a sudden I have had a few inquiries on this kind of work. What do you guys think of this...