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    Pinoyknife, The Blue Reaper

    Pinoyknife, The Blue Reaper Black and Blue Carbon fiber Anodized liner Mirror polished blade Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Matt Cook Pinoyknife

    This is one of the smoothest and perfectly balanced knives I have ever handled. I asked if he could do Toxic Green anodizing. It is one of my favorite modern knives. I have been out of the Balisong collecting game for about 5 years. Now that I think of it, it may be even more...
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    3" persian ti balisong

    Beautiful job, Ben. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pinoy Knife, Matt Cook, Kitchen Knives

    It feels so balanced. It cuts without effort. Great set. Next set may be made with Elmax... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pinoy Knife, Matt Cook, Kitchen Knives

    Micarta handles S30V blades Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Re-introduction, from Virginia

    Thanks. I like to reload, also since I shoot 2-3 times a week when there's light outside. Now, I'm limited to weekends.
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    Re-introduction, from Virginia

    I'm CDR_Glock. I've been collecting knives and mainly, Balisongs, since 2008. I'm active on other forums, YouTube, and even Instagram. Aside from knives, I like to shoot and hunt. I practice karate, also. My latest interest is collecting Knucks.
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    FHM Bali Sword- flea market find

    I just acquired one. I always wanted a balisword. I could never really find one. Someone had one on a forum. I'd rather not flip this. I could cut my neck or worse, my hand off...
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    Has anybody noticed the balisong market latley?

    Happy G I have only been collecting since 2008. It was a tough time since most knives were being phased out, as BossDog mentioned, in lieu of folders. I was fighting against the wave of fans from the movie, Kick Ass, while trying to get my hands on anything. When I was looking, the Channel...
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    Strong toxic green bali

    Ben, I like that. When are they coming up for sale? I'm on the USN....
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    Sam Eddleman, The Balislayer

    Yes, it's CF.
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    Sam Eddleman, The Balislayer

    You may have seen Sam's first Balisong. It was a 3" bladed Weehawk Tanto. I wanted a four inch bladed knife so I asked him what he was making in that size. He had two 4" Weehawks. I said I'd like a Damascus look. I looked at his other Japanese style Tantos and I found some knives that had...
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    Pinoy Knife Bolo: Balisong Perfection

    Chatting with Matt 10 days ago, I asked him what he was working on. He said he had some new insert material: G10/CF. He was going to put a Bolo Knife up. I said wow! A 5" Bolo blade? So someone claimed dubs and I was pretty bummed. Then I got a phone call. Was I interested? F! Yes...
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    BladeRunners Alpha Beast Prototype 00

    Side by side with a Ti Basilisk No. 47. :bwah:
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    BladeRunners Alpha Beast Prototype 00

    After patiently waiting, it has finally come. The BladeRunners Alpha Beast 00 Prototype Designed by Knifezoid and Looseyfur. Hand crafted by Matt Cook.
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    Help finding a Basilisk Balisong

    He found one.
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    Pinoy Knife FHM by Matt Cook

    I got this Balisong from Matt Cook. It has titanium liners, clip and spacers. Arizona Desert Ironwood scales. He used bushings for the pivots with PB washers. This is a tight Balisong with almost zero play. The dimensions and weight are almost the same as a 42: The width and thickness...
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    Balisongs: Minimize getting cut

    Aside from the obvious things (using a trainer, taping the blade, etc), Using a live blade, how do you avoid getting cut when flipping? About about timing with aerials? Tips on avoiding getting cut? For me, recently, I do the following: 1 Get accustomed to how fast the knife is able to...
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    NTD: Nathan Dewey Titanium Scimitar

    Nathan Dewey is a Balisong knifemaker who is relatively new to the field. @I was impressed by his Jerzee Devil Balisong Build Off Balisong entries.@ I asked if he could make me a scimitar-bladed, sandwich-style Balisong with contoured solid titanium scales and a spring latch. @ The...
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    Latest Goblin Balisongs

    I finally found the green goblin. Number 6.