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    Ideas and suggestions for competition cutters?

    A few months ago, a knife club or guild was started up again here in Arkansas. We're still getting it up to speed and one of the guys has proposed a cutting competition. I've never actually tried it before, but watched a lot of Blade Sports on Youtube. From googling around you can tell the CPM...
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    Where to get wrought iron?

    Hey, planning my next knife, my first Bowie build and I want to add some historic flair. I've seen a few guys make guards out of wrought iron, but where are you guys finding it? I think when scrap prices were high a couple years ago, everything around here got sold!
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    Yeah, I'm still here! My latest...

    AEBL blade, 303 SS bolsters, corby's, custom etch on backside, redwood burl. The wood is neat and was provided by the customer. It was cut in california over 100 years ago by his great grandfather! He brought me a piece and I stabilized it with Cactus Juice.
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    New scales on an old knife. Giraffe bone upgrade!

    A vid I just finished, fixing a knife for a customer. Do any of you take on repairs too? I really don't like doing repairs on someone else's work, but I've done it a few times. I need to just say no! I usually have no idea what to charge for repairs, but anyway, here's how I did this one...
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    Blackening or Ebonizing Wood

    Hey, I've been experimenting again! Thought this might be useful for knife scales too, so check it out and let me know what you think. You may be able to take some fairly bland wood and give it a whole new look.
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    Add some texture to your forge work.

    Hey, guys, just tried out a new idea yesterday to add a little character or age to forgings. Worked great! Here's a quick vid showing how...
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    Advice on forging 416 SS.

    Can't really find 416 ss in the dimensions I want for a reasonable price. So, I picked up this 1.5" bar pretty cheap online, guess I'll try forging what I want. Any of you guys have experience doing this? How hot do I work it? Does it air harden quickly while you're working it? Annealed...
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    My latest and most involved to date...

    Here's one that's been under wraps for a while. It was a contest entry so I couldn't share the progress pics on here or FB and Instagram like I usually do, which was surprisingly hard. Specs: 416 layer Alabama Damascus, African Pomelle Sapele burl bolsters, file-worked copper liners, hidden...
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    Snaps, studs, scratched blades.

    I need some advice, pics, links, etc. When using snaps and studs, how do you keep the backside from contacting the knife? I've used snaps a lot, but I just go some Sam Browne studs in to try. I tried carving a little recess, but it still isn't below flush. I've got some thin pigskin that I...
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    New (OLD) tool, a pantograph!

    Grabbed this guy today. Came with a t-slot table and a lettering table, tons of letters and dodads. Anybody good with these things? Where to get and what do you use for cutters? Its been in storage a few years, needs cleaned up but apears to be in great shape.
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    Handsanding improvements!

    Ok, our favorite subject, hand sanding, a necessary evil. I've noticed I always have a hard time not blurring the lines between the flats and bevel. I see guys with these razor sharp transitions and wonder how the heck they do it. I've been using a flat ground piece of blade stock and holding...
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    Wow! Have you tried the super glue trick?

    I heard about super glue work holding a while back, but hadn't tried until just now. Holy cow! This is a game changer! Basic idea is you put painters tape on the back of your part, and then put tape on the table. You then super glue the part down on the table, the glue stays between the painters...
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    Need some new scale fitment ideas....

    Hey, I'm getting bored with just gluing on scales and grinding them flush. Anybody got any good full tang pics with heirloom fit or fluted or beveled scales? Need something to jazz it up a bit. I'm not a huge fan of fileworked full tangs, but sometimes I like the more unique ones. I've got...
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    Worse than a trailer hitch!

    You know how bad it hurts when you hit your shin on a trailer hitch? I found something worse! I've just recently started getting setup for forging and I've added a forge, anvil, post vise, etc. Yesterday, I turned quickly and walked full speed smack into the horn of that anvil. HOLY ^*#@%)...
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    My First Student?

    Well, not sure I'm qualified to teach knifemaking, still feel like a newb myself, but what the heck. Matt is 18 and fresh out of high school. He heads to Marine Corps boot camp in August so how could I say no? Kindred spirit maybe? We talked a lot about symmetry, balance, steels, etc before...
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    Little Johnny

    Picked this up yesterday from a knifemaker that can't pound steel anymore due to health problems following a car wreck. He said he only used it a couple times and it looks like that's true. Any of you every used one of these Little Johnny's? Appears it was made here in Arkansas but there's only...
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    A Boy's 1st knife!

    I had the privilege of making a young man's first hunting knife! He lives in Wisconsin and I'm in Arkansas, but he visited my shop about a year ago. People put down Forged in Fire all the time, but that show is the main driving force behind this boy's interest in knives. He and his Dad make it a...
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    Mr. Doyle in my new mag!

    I picked up the new Knives Illustrated today at Wally World and while I was flipping through it I said to myself "that looks like John's style". Sure enough, it was! Probably old hat to him, but a full page photo in a magazine sounds like a big deal to me.
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    5K T-shirt giveaway.

    You guys on here have always been very supportive of my other hobby, YouTube. I'm doing a giveaway over there to say thanks. I'm giving out 5 shirts with my logo on them, international entries are even ok. I've about got a knife build video finished and edited, so I'll share that one very soon...
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    Best router bit for Kydex?

    I actually don't like Kydex sheaths, but I do make them when time and cost is a factor. I was just finishing up a little caper's kydex sheath by adding a couple pack strap slots on the sides. BAM! Router bit grabbed and ruined one side. Well, actually ruined the whole sheath, there's no fixing...