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    Tkroenlein Photo Gallery

    Turned out great OP :), very nice!
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    An early Christmas present!!

    Ed, That's wonderful that your wife and you are on the other side of the virus Praise God! A truly great Christmas blessing:) Steve Neustrom
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    Nielsen Magnetic Discs

    Randy, I bought the system a couple months ago, you wont be sorry! he's in Canada and it does take a a little time and effort getting them ordered and paid for but he's a super nice guy to deal with and I'm so happy with his system! He gave me the heads up about the beveled discs and Ed Caffrey...
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    Hows Everybody Doing?

    Caregiving my 90 year old mother Who also had Covid, Thats how I got it. One of her 3 caregivers brought it in to us . Knifedogs and the other forums have been a sanity saver... also been reading a lot of the knifesteel nerds articles. Tuesday is emancipation day! Hopefully we can get 3 healthy...
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    Hows Everybody Doing?

    I'm suffering from Knifeshop withdrawal syndrome I haven't made a spark in 15 days and am on day 9 post covid quarantine. It's WORSE because I can see the shop across the pasture!! Wilson says hang in there and keep drawing new knife designs! any advice from the post quarantine knifemakers out...
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    YOUR Shop!

    Thanks John, Now I have to learn to produce the quality of knife I have in my head! Learning the hard way but I'm stubborn! I've been knockin those tin critters over for 20 some years now. It's almost as addicting as knifemaking! Steve
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    Headband Magnifier Recommendation?

    Bruce, If you can rig an aperture sight front and back on your muzzle loader you only have to focus on the target, your eyes will automatically center things. We shoot creedmore 8,9 1000 yrds with black powder cartridge with this sight system and it works very well for ahem.. ageing eyes;)
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    YOUR Shop!

    Oh I have 2 extinguishers, one near the oven and forge and one right inside the door, and any day I do any hot work I always do a check before bed at night. Kind of a firewalk, I've had 2 fires at business over 40 years! Wouldn't wish that mess on anybody!
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    YOUR Shop!

    This is a pic I had on my phone of the hot end of my shop. I'm still a hobby maker ( Retirement is so close!!) I am making myself do stock removal only till I get some better fit and finish skills- Forging and damascus is so much fun!! But I figure why spend a lot of time on a billet then put a...
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    First attempt at a Hamon

    Since I'm a new internet trained knifemaker ( yea I know, Covid no classes avail in my part of the country) I thought I would share my first Hamon with you guys. I think its the 22nd blade I've made so I was blown away that it turned out at all. It's 80CRV2 Which I didn't know if it would show...
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    Headband Magnifier Recommendation?

    Hi Bob, I just spent quite a bit of time researching these and the biggest issue was the focal length. Most are made for closer focal length, there is some that have a 20" focal length and that is what I needed for grinding with my arms at the optimum level. The set of lenses I got with my...
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    Koa Block Sale!

    Hi Gene, Just got home from work and there was the blocks! Very happy! Good timing, I even get a shop day tomorrow, Thank you, Steve
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    Koa Block Sale!

    Hi Gene, I would take 6 blocks My E-m is, Thanks Steve Neustrom
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    Surface Grinder attachment?

    Well I guess that none of the more experienced smiths are going to chime in so I'll give you my take as a new maker and say that the OMB certainly works as a advertised. If you are able to rotate your 2x72 and operate it horizontaly its not so much of a workout. Using them in the verticle...
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    New quench formula

    Thank You Op! I needed a smile this AM. That was Good!
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    Three Piece Knife - Finished photo added

    Really turned out nice OP, Like the design!
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    Alabama damascus and Wenge Bowie

    Good job! The handle and guard look great! I just got some blackwood hope I can get it to finish that well! Thanks for showing us! Steve
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    Morland Picture Gallery

    Wow really nice Dennis! I always like seeing your work, Keeps me motivated Steve
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    Finished Elk Hunter

    Good job sir! Looks like it feels good in the hand too. well done...
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    Elk Hunter

    Looking Good OP! Cant wait to see it finished.