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  1. Alden Cole

    drill bits for tang holes

    ^What BillyO said^ to add to that, if you are using 3/16in drill bits for 3/16in pins you may find the pins to be too tight. The thread below might help you out. Also, I buy my drill bits from
  2. Alden Cole

    A. Cole Photo Gallery

    This is the first Nessmuk I've ever made. I really like the shape, but next time I would leave out the large choil and take the blue tape off before it started to patina the bevels. It is also the 100th knife I've made and the final picture is it with the first "knife" I ever made. D2, tapered...
  3. Alden Cole

    Cement turned black

    Thank you!
  4. Alden Cole

    Cement turned black

    Thank you. I put a lot more thinner in, and was able to get some usable cement in there, but it is still dark and thick. Maybe I'll put even more thinner in and see what happens. What type of cement do you use?
  5. Alden Cole

    Cement turned black

    My contact cement has gone stiff (jiggly) and black. I added thinner, but nothing is happening. Is this a common problem? Any help appreciated.
  6. Alden Cole

    M390 stainless abvice

    Thinner than 1/8, don't grind in bevels. Never sent out blades for heat treating, so maybe they are less likely to warp than home ht, I don't know. My 2 cents, take it for what it's worth.
  7. Alden Cole

    Grit size pre ht

    Thanks guys, that is what I was hoping to hear. Will leave tang at 50. Rest of blade is ground to 120 or 220.
  8. Alden Cole

    Knife Shows

    Thanks! Don't see anything anytime soon close to me.
  9. Alden Cole

    Grit size pre ht

    I've been grinding some knives pre ht, specifically grinding a shallow trough in the handle with a wheel to reduce weight and increase epoxy adhesion. My question is whether it is ok to leave this trough at 50 grit (which is what I ground it at), or whether I should take it to 120 to reduce...
  10. Alden Cole

    What's going on in your shop?

    Those are cool. Look very production!
  11. Alden Cole

    Knife Shows

    Yeah! There are some gun and knife shows locally, but I am unsure of the market for handmade knives in them. I guess I'll have to visit them and see.
  12. Alden Cole

    Time between quench and tempering.

    Never worked with those steels, and am a newbie myself, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but I would say that you shouldn't have any problems waiting to temper with those steels. I've seen people say that D2 especially should be tempered as soon as possible to retain high hardness, but...
  13. Alden Cole

    Knife Shows

    Anyone have a list of knife shows? I've been to Bladeshow West (spectator) a couple years back, and was wanting to go to OKCA (table) this past April before you know who shut it down, but do not know if there is a list somewhere that someone could point me to, especially in the NW. Thanks!
  14. Alden Cole

    Two Unfinished - better pics

    Those are looking great! Love the Ironwood
  15. Alden Cole

    Paring Knife, need ideas or examples

    When working a plungeless knife, I always try to leave more meat at the back edge than you think you need, rather than grinding really far under the handle. You don't need the knife sharp all the way up to the finger stop. Hope that makes sense. It takes a little practice, at least for me.
  16. Alden Cole

    1080 Purpleheart EDC

    Thanks guys!
  17. Alden Cole

    Anyone heard from Ed?

    I hope his forum wasn't cleared out because of the thread I OP'd on kydex, and if it was, that I didn't say anything wrong. Hope to see his forum back up and running soon.
  18. Alden Cole

    A. Cole Photo Gallery

    And this is what I've been working on most recently. A batch of Pairings and a Carving, all in 1/16in. D2. From top to bottom: Cocobolo, Bloodwood, Dymondwood, and the one in the group picture is Koa, that didn't make the cut. Most of these were handrubbed, but the Koa and Bloodwood have what I...
  19. Alden Cole

    A. Cole Photo Gallery

    A duo of MCs in 440c and green/black micarta. First duo of these that I've handrubbed, made out of 440c, first clip point MC, and used micarta for handles.
  20. Alden Cole

    A. Cole Photo Gallery

    Always good to get see your knives in their natural habitat.