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  1. MTBob

    Stop Tru-Oil Hardening

    In an earlier posting, most of us complained about Tru-Oil hardening in its original container. Here's one way to keep it liquid. I simply transferred to the oil to syringes which minimized the amount of air exposed to the oil. I made a little cap plug from some moldable plastic and made a...
  2. MTBob

    Milling the Primary Angle?

    In Don Robinson's book, Slipjoints My Way, he demonstrates cutting a blade's primary angle on his mill using a tilt table. I would show a photo, but don't want to violate his copyright. Don actually mills two blades using this method, connected end to end on one piece of metal. It's a clever...
  3. MTBob

    Using the Viel Grinder to make serrations - Proof of Concept

    This is a follow-on posting to my earlier post where I questioned whether a Viel Grinder could / would make satisfactory serration grinds before I bought one. Well, after some brief testing, I think the verdict is in - it works! With literally no modifications, this grinder will place...
  4. MTBob

    Grind Serrations with a Profile Grinder? What'da Ya Think?

    Just saw this grinder on CL and thought it might be adaptable to making accurate serration cuts on a blade edge. Has anyone tried using this kind of grinder for that purpose? It's primarily used for making customized molding cutters for wood working.
  5. MTBob

    Warped 26C3 Blade - A Little Fixing Tool

    With my first venture into thin 26C3 (.78") I found an ugly 1/32" lengthwise bend/warp after HT in Parks 50. After tempering at 350 the steel is around RC 64ish, per AKS graph. The warp would not move with cold bending. I read that placing the blade back in the oven and coming up to the...
  6. MTBob

    A Little Known Craigslist Search Method

    Most of us have used Craigslist with varying degrees of success. A few months ago I ran across a phone App called Cubix, an App that let's you monitor or "crawl" across whatever Craigslist location you want to view. You can customize the settings for location (all US, state, city), subject...
  7. MTBob

    Quench Tank Build - WIP - Does this make sense?

    I'm finally going to get serious about quenchant. I got some Parks 50 and decided that a new tank was needed. I could buy one, but that's no fun... and they won't be built like I want. Since I don't know from noth'in about quench tanks, I just noodled up something seems like it should work...
  8. MTBob

    Parks #50 Sourcing

    I need some fast oil for some 26C3 knives I'm making. Common knife making supply sources are out of the stuff. Based on KD postings from McCaffery & Cashen, etc., I decided to only buy the original certified Parks #50. I called Maxim Oil, 817-293-4645, they sell the original Parks oil...
  9. MTBob

    Need Advice - Hidden Pins on full tang

    I'm working on a kitchen knife and have selected a piece of beautiful Birdseye Maple for the scales. This piece of wood has great eyes coupled with brown tone marbling. I started to consider using traditional full through-tang pins. But, I'd like to not take away from the beauty of the maple...
  10. MTBob

    Blind Hole Location Using Polymorph Plastic - WIP

    This posting is related to an earlier posting I did on Polymorph Plastic and is still a WIP. I want to use this posting to focus on the technique of blind hole location. I'm working on a cleaver handle and want to put an end cap on the handle. There are a bunch of ways to do this, but I wanted...
  11. MTBob

    A Bucket Of Beans - How Do You Store Your Kitchen Knives?

    One day my wife says " hey, got an idea for all those knives you're making"... and she bought a glass storage bin and some beans. A simple idea that seems to work well. How do you'all store your knives?
  12. MTBob

    Today I Fell In Love With A Polymorph

    Actually Polymorph Plastic - Sorry for the cheesy click bait subject line, couldn't resist. Here's the story. Long ago I purchased a Japanese cleaver and over the years it has suffered from heavy use and eventually a broken handle. To repair this I want to make a WA Style handle with a solid...
  13. MTBob

    A Christmas Present For My Neighbor

    My neighbor asked to make a knife for him, and he wanted it bright so he wouldn't lose it. 80CRV2, G-10 scales, brass pins/thong hole.
  14. MTBob

    Needed a longer tumbler - so I made one

    I've been using "Tumblers Tumbler" for stone washing small knives, but it's too short for larger knives. So, I decided to use the 2x72 grinder to roll a 4" PVC pipe. A design concept similar to others I've seen on the InterWeb. I set the pipe so it just touches the 2" contact wheel, using a...
  15. MTBob

    Dust Collecter / Air Filter - A Design For My Shop

    For a long time I've been frustrated with dust collection and general shop air filtration. I've used the common box Delta filter that often hangs from a ceiling with limited success. A fixed shop evacuation system with ducting doesn't work for me, much of my equipment is on wheels and too...
  16. MTBob

    Made Some Small Rubber Contact Wheels

    Small rubber contact wheels are hard to find, and when you do, they seem expensive. So, I rooted around in Amazon and found a rubber sanding drum sleeve set in 3/4,1,11/2 and 2" diameter x 4.5" long, and then found the needed end bearings. The rubber tires cost $19 and a set of 10 bearings was...
  17. MTBob

    Makers Mark / Logo - On The Left or Right?

    Here's one of the those dumb questions from a newby knife maker... Am I right that most knife makers place their primary Mark or Name on the left side of the blade? I've been placing my name on the left side because that's what I see other do with their knives. But, why isn't it more...
  18. MTBob

    WARNING - Potential 3M Filter Fraud Alert -UPDATE

    A few days ago I purchased 3M 2097 pancake filters on Amazon. What I received was filters were labeled "3M 2097 CN". I knew from previous purchases of N95 mask type face filters that if filters have a KN suffix (N95 KN) that those filters were made for use in China, but sold here in the US...
  19. MTBob

    Quench Oil Preheat Questions

    I'm about to change my quench oil from using only Canola to both Parks 50 and Parks AAA depending on which steel I'm using. I understand from USAKnifemaker website that Parks AAA works best with oil pre-heated to around 120°F. I also read that Parks 50 should not be allowed to exceed 120°F"...
  20. MTBob

    Headband Magnifier Recommendation?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a headband style magnifier with a light? My aging eyes are asking for help.