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    Custom Hunter/Camp knife

    HHH Custom Knives Hunter 5.5" Feather damascus blade. OAL is 10" Handle is African Blackwood and Mammoth molar Spacers and pins are copper. with Black G-10 and single mosaic pin
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    I am gona dub thee.. "Babyuto" Very pleased with this blade profile/ size and specs. I plan to offer it as a option to future clients.. I am calling the knife Babyuto. A play on the word Gyuto. which is a traditional Japanese name for a chef style blade. Specs. Blade is HHH Feather...
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    This one is some of our 7 layer steel with Blue#2 core and stainless. Giraffe bone handle with superconductor bolsters. As always . Thanks for looking, comments and or critiques or questions welcomed.
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    Damascus with Koa 4 piece kitchen set

    Hi guys and gals. Most of probably seen the WIP photos. But for those who may not. check em out.. Finally. The set is done. Its ready and heading out the door today. Blades are HHH Damascus. Forged bu Randy Jr. Paired with African Black wood and Koa. Brass fittings and liners and spacers...
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    Slick SLicer!

    Hey Guys. Here are some images of one I finished up recently. Blade is our HHH damascus. with Mokume and mammoth ivory handle.
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    Feather Scimitar

    Here is one I finished up a couple months ago. Its some of our HHH damascus with Mokume and stabilized spalted maple. Very pleased with this slicer. Thanks guys for checkin it out. Randy
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    9" German style chef knife.

    Thank you for looking, 9" German style chef knife. Stainless damascus chef. With buckeye burl. copper fitting. and HHH mosaic pin. By HHH Custom Knives
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    Feather knives X3

    Just finished a few and wanted to share a couple of photos. All 3 have our HHH Feather damascus Top knife is Amboyna burl and ivory Middle knife is Mokume and box elder burl Bottom is ebony and giraffe bone Thanks for looking, comments and or critiques welcomed. Randy
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    Single Bevel goodness.

    A few more knives to share. :) HHH Knives Damascus single bev. Dabney Dovetail handle. HHH Feather damascus and walrus ivory
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    Mammoth tooth and damascus chef

    HHH Knives 10" Chef knife HHH Damascus and Mammoth tooth chef knife.
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    Carbon fiber. Machining question.

    Hello fellow Knife Dogs. I am searching for a company that does carbon fiber machining. Small parts. that have to be within pretty tight tolerances. I thought I would ask and see if anyone knows of a good place that is friendly to short runs.. Thanks guys for any info you can share on this...
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    Belt knife

    Fresh off the bench. Its some of Jr's San mai. Stainless over Blue#2 steel with stabilized spalted maple handles. :biggrin:
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    Integral hunter. HHH Knives Predator pattern damascus, with Mammoth tooth

    Hey Guys, Its been a while since I posted. But was really proud of how this one turned out and had to share. What ya think? HHH Predator pattern damascus and mammoth tooth.
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    Dream Weaver 300mm Suji

    I love my job!! Every knife is its own unique challenge. Yet sometimes stuff just comes together and God is smiling on me. This is one of them times!! The blade is a pattern called Dream Weaver. I called it that, because Randy Jr. came to work one morning mumbling something about a dream he...
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    "Chubby" chef knife

    “Chubby knife” $775.00 delivered in the USA Additional 30.00 for international. OAL 280mm Blade: 138mm tip to heel Blade: tip to handle 151mm Height at heel 51mm Thickness 2.5mm tapering sharply to the tip. Steel is O1 and nickel HRC 61.5 Handle is G-10 and Stabilized birch from Russia. handle...
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    Chubby Chef!

    “Chubby knife” OAL 280mm Blade: 138mm tip to heel Blade: tip to handle 151mm Height at heel 51mm Thickness 2.5mm tapering sharply to the tip. Steel is O1 and nickel HRC 61.5 Handle is G-10 and Stabilized birch from Russia. handle is 127mm long and approx 26mm tall at blade tapering to 30mm...
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    Wicked san mai K tip Gyuto

    San Mai Chef knife. Blade is approx 12" of awesome. Heel is approx 48mm tall. Stainless steel over HHH damascus core. San Mai construction. Randy Jr really nailed it on this piece. and Im super stoked about this look!! The handle is ancient bog oak. approx 6000 years old. Paired perfectly...
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    Stainless damascus Harpoon style re-curve

    Hey guys. Just wanted to share a few pictures of the latest and newest damascus Jr forged for me to play with. STAINLESS damascus that is!! Lovin it.. This beast is approx 15" long and has a snake wood handle. Blessings Randy
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    Resent custom work

  20. HHH Knives

    San Mai

    Im loving the look and working with this stuff!! Here are a few resent knives.