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  1. Ankrom Exotics

    Looking for an experienced Knifemaker!

    We are looking for an experienced Knifemaker who is interested in trying/testing out a new product. We will send you these scales & all you have to do is email us some photos & feedback on the material as far as how it worked (or didn't work) for you. If interested, please respond and we will...
  2. Ankrom Exotics

    Photos Wanted

    Lynn put together a video featuring custom knives made using our handle materials and uploaded it to YouTube. You can see it by clicking this link. We would like to make more videos similar to this one in the future. If you have any photos of knives you've made using any of our materials and...
  3. Ankrom Exotics

    Giving Away 2 Little Rock Show VIP Passes

    CLOSED - We have 2 VIP passes for the "Art of Steel" knife show in Little Rock, Arkansas to give away. These passes do not get you in for free but they do get you in early and also get you into the knife judging on Friday evening. If you are planning on attending the show and would like these...
  4. Ankrom Exotics

    Knife Auction to Benefit Young Cancer Patient

    I am also a member of a penturning forum that is in the middle of a fundraiser trying to raise money to help the family of a 13 year old cancer patient. One of the items being auctioned is a nice custom made filet knife that I thought might appeal to some of the folks here. Below is a...
  5. Ankrom Exotics

    Suggestion For a New Forum Topic

    I'm always on the lookout for new shows to attend as a supplier. I'd like to see a forum here on KnifeDogs for folks to post threads regarding upcoming shows or comment on them if they've been there. Folks could post info regarding table costs, number of makers with tables, past attendance...
  6. Ankrom Exotics

    Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show - April 10-11

    Decided to give this show a try..... any other Dogs gonna be there? If so, look us up. I can't remember our table # at the moment but I'll track it down and post it later.
  7. Ankrom Exotics

    Links To Monday Night Madness @ Ankrom Exotics

    Links to this weeks Monday Night Madness Festivities from Ankrom Exotics. Monday Night Madness Giveaway Monday Night Madness Special Deals While you're there, be sure to check out...
  8. Ankrom Exotics


    The threads have been posted in our forum and here are the links. Ankrom Exotics Special Monday Night Madness Offers Ankrom Exotics Monday Night Madness Giveaway LET THE MADNESS...
  9. Ankrom Exotics

    Joinin' in the "Madness"

    In an effort to: 1) Help make Monday Night Madness here on the KnifeDogs forums just a bit more intriguing and interesting. 2) Get more knifemakers familiar with the Ankrom Exotics name. 3) Maybe even sell a block of wood or two or ten...
  10. Ankrom Exotics

    Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show???

    Just wondering if anyone here has done (or attended) this show. I'm looking for a few more shows to put on my calendar and this one looks like it has potential. It's supposed to be the largest gun show in the world but how many knifemakers display there? Is there a decent customer base for a...
  11. Ankrom Exotics

    One my Dad Made For Me

    Here are a couple pics of a knife my Dad made for me. It's a display piece that we use to show off the handle material at shows. Drop Point Hunter by W.E. Ankrom Dressed in 'Magma Red' Cactus Knife Scales Close up of the handle material Description of the handle material...
  12. Ankrom Exotics

    Hello from Ankrom Exotics

    Hello to all Knifemakers and enthusiasts. I received a message through one of my customers telling me about this place and I'm glad I did. It looks like the owners and administrators of this site have done a bang up job creating a first class forum dedicated to all things knife related...