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    Happy Birthday RagingWolf66/ Big Ed

    Hope its a great one bud. Enjoy
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    5160 Stag Bowie/Fighter for sale

    Fighter Bowie, 1/4" thick 5160 , 2" wide at belly ,Convexed /semi flat ground. Thick stag grips and 1/4 " mosaic pins. Wedge ground false edge along spine. 12 1/2 " OAL, Shes a biggun. If you manage to damage the blade whithout chopping a car door- I'll take care of that for you. Appreciate...
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    Brief history of the Black Knife

    A History of The Black Knife -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back in 1987, a custom maker named Ron Miller in Largo Florida,finally began building a prototype plunge lock auto he had been thinking about for several years. He had hopes of...
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    For the Fallen Memorial Day 2010

    They lie in Hallowed fields across the globe, resting eternally. They served and died as Americans, giving all they were, to defend all they loved. From the first to fall and stain the Earth with his blood in this country's name, To those we may lose today in a place unknown to any...
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    ARS OTF Tanto Model

    ARS OTF Tanto Model. YES, there will a few at BLADE to handle and get a look at. Milled aircraft grade aluminum handles, hex screw construction, draw bar blade return, and a bead blasted ,non reflective blade.
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    A few I finished lately

    Tiger Bowie is a Fighter/Bowie. 1/4" thick 1084. Hollow ground with an urban camo/tiger stripe finish and ziricote' scales with pins. 13" oal. Fighter Bowie in Sambar Stag, 1/4" 5160 ,speckled ,Convexed /semi flat ground. Super thick stag grips and 1/4 " mosaic pins. Wedge ground false edge...
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    Merry Christmas To All..

    Heres hoping that your holidays are both safe and enjoyable. May you give from the heart,and recieve that lift of the soul from making others smile. May your family and friends require your presence to make their joy complete this year. May you see something that restores your faith in...
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    A.R.S. Utility Folder GAW!!

    Thats right,.. here on Knifedogs in 1 week, we are giving away a Utility Folder. It will be a drawing style gaw,as thats the fairest way of holding it. THIS is an announcement thread , but NO NUMBERS POSTED HERE will be taken, follow the link below to enter please folks...
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    Mr Williams goes for Surgery this week

    Hey gang,.. Mr Williams goes in for some tune up work on his back I believe this week. Lets all keep him in mind and send a lil positive thinking his way. Hope you heal up well,and the surgery helps Mr W. We hope youre up and moving well soon. 2thumbs:running dog:
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    Science of Ivory =use/selection

    Its back, the long winded,overly talkative "Science of =" section. This months installment is to cover Ivory-in all its forms. Ivory is generally thought to be only Elephant , but not so mi breddrin! Da bones of all dem Gods creatures can be considered to be de White Gold! Read on an be...
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    ARS Knives Giveaway Part 2

    We are at it again ,.. scroll the Makers Forums for ARS Knives,.. or follow the link below to tonights Giveaway!!2thumbs
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    KnifeDogs has hot 20k Posts already!!

    Hot hot hot,.. en fuego even ! Not too shabby for only being 2 months old or so,2thumbs2thumbs.. and just a hair under 1300 Members ... Looks like this Doghouse is the place to be. Pass it on!!:running dog::running dog::running dog:
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    Science of Carbon Fiber

    Every lil while the sheer volume of info in my head runs out of room to be stored and I have to let some out,lol... hope somebody who DIDNT know, learns and enjoys. Raw Materials The raw material used to make carbon fiber is called the precursor. About 90% of the carbon fibers produced...
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    Widows Kiss in 1095

    Just a quick fighter,.. making 6 more right now at $170 ea, prob same scale materials as Its a nice silver grey/ black subdued look. Pix are fast snaps as I just finished this tonight. 1095, triple blued to a deep grey black. 10 3/8" oal, 4 1/2' handle, 5" blade edge, 1/8" thick Handles...
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    DOG TAG GIVEAWAY STARTS NOW 10/13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE ARS DOGTAG SURVIVAL BLADE GIVEAWAY STARTS NOW: " Im In!" and a number between 001 and 999 please- winner determined by THURSDAYS pick three lottery in Louisiana...
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    L6 Mod Bowie w.i.p.

    Had a large cracked saw blade from local mill in Natchez. got several knives cut out of it now, and this is second one. 14" bowie with modded spine, 5/32 thick, hollow ground L6. Whole thing is only at 220 right now. Guard is 5160. Havent decided on scales yet. Probably half antique the...
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    **Mods , please give this its own subforum so that it is easily found and referenced on the main page. Folks ,please feel free to add your local shows, but lets leave out gunshows-Knife shows only please on this one.:D This is a list of current upcoming shows I could find/think of -but by...
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    a few 95% done

    Need final cleanup/buff then done with these three Nessmuk is 10",5" blade, antiqued finish, 5/32 thick 1075, Stainless 3/16 pins, high convex w/Marblewood Persian style recurve is 12", 6 1/4 " blade 1/4 thick 5160 hollow ground and treated Sneaux finish, 1/2 inch brass bolts...
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    Strange -at 2:30am 8/28/09

    According to the main page member monitor, Im the ONLY member here,2thumbs.. its like a building after hours, all you can hear is the hum of the AC running,lolol. Maybe I'll raid the snack bar ,and the beer fridge. And see what people leave in their desk drawers. }:]
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    Mokume small pieces

    lookin for some scrap for a really small project, 3/4x 2 1/2 x 1/8 (or lil thinner is ok)would do it. later on Ill need a 3"x4" section of it. I'll see what I can trade ,some Chad Nichols damascus in same dimensions maybe?