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  1. AkWildman

    Been working on this between orders.

    All that's left is leather work on this Wild River Bowie, hand forged 1084 with Turkish walnut black paper micarta and bronze the guard is forged from mild steel and given a lighter than black blue finish with a little sprout engraved on the lower quillian.
  2. AkWildman


    When your daughter is making a harpoon for her Alaska studies in school and she wants to use a trade point rather than bone and her dads a bladesmith. I forged this out of a 3 inch piece of 1/2 inch 5160 square bar.
  3. AkWildman

    Delicious Maple

    Here is one of my Scout models in A2 with some beautiful natural colored stabilized Maple burl .
  4. AkWildman

    Some tasty walnut

    Just received this exhibition grade Turkish walnut directly from Istanbul, shipping was pricey but it's getting harder and harder to find reasonably priced stuff like this .
  5. AkWildman

    Its all in the details

    Well I havnt even attempted to do any serious engraving yet but I did add this little Easter egg to the bottom rear quillian of this nicely shaped s guard. I think it's a nice little detail.
  6. AkWildman

    That was a cold trip !

    Hauled the first thousand pound load of the prefab steel building out to the homestead on the river on friday,this is going to be the new smithy out there,it was 17 below on Friday but I had the freight sled loaded and the wife and I decided to go for it with the plan to return to our...
  7. AkWildman

    Anyone forge welded Nickle Silver

    So I cant seem to find any nickle silver in the size I need,I have 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch bar stock but need a piece that's about a inch thick,I've done mokum before but was wondering if anyone has forge welded nickle silver to nickel silver. I suppose I could silver soldier two pieces...
  8. AkWildman

    More A2 Christmas Gifts

    Couple of my Northern lights in A2 for a couple of brothers for Christmas. There Father ordered them and now tells me he wished he had ordered one for himself.
  9. AkWildman

    A Santoku for someone's Christmas.

    I'm doing my best to get Christmas orders out and just finished this one,A Santoku in A2 with double dyed stabilized quilted maple and a Ash storage sheath.
  10. AkWildman

    Completely Shocked

    I came home late Monday night from Prudhoe Bay and saw that my Blade Knives of 2021 had arrived, my wife had a plate of food fixed for me in the microwave and I sat down to eat and was skimming through it when to my surprise one of my pieces was staring back at me ! I was shocked and so...
  11. AkWildman

    Checking in from Alaska

    Just checking in ,I haven't posted in a while but I've been extremely busy up here.My job on the north slope got even more demanding with all the lay offs and the covid baloney. The homelife has also kept me jumping through hoops as we had lots of projects going on at the homestead and also...
  12. AkWildman

    Something for a Vietnam veteran

    One of the young guys I work with on the North Slope asked if I could do a Bird and Trout for his dad who is a Vietnam vet and was with the 1st Cav and was badly wounded at Khe Sanh .I did a little scrimshaw of his unit patch and one of the beloved Huey.
  13. AkWildman

    Damascus Bird and Trout

    One of my Bird And Trouts done in some awesome Randy Haas Damascus with S grade ivory replacment.
  14. AkWildman

    The Gamblers Bowie

    This Gentleman's Bowie is complete and ready for a home.Blade is hand forged from 52100 and is 5 1/4 long with a overall length of 9 1/2 inches. Guard and spacer are nickel silver, frame is O1 tool steel ,liners are black G10,scales are S grade ivory replacement and pins are raised domed...
  15. AkWildman

    Frame Handle ready for final assembly

    Well this one is ready to assemble for good,all the parts are fit up perfectly and ready to go.Blade is hand forged from 52100 ,press fit guard and spacer are nickel silver, frame is O1,liners are G10,scales are S grade ivory replacement and the pins are stainless. I will post some good pics...
  16. AkWildman

    Some Frame Handle Fun

    Nice little frame handle Bowie coming together, this one has all nickle silver furniture and will have s grade ivory replacement scales that will have a clam shell motif carved in the end,this paticular one is highly influenced by the 1830s knives by Alfred Hunter.
  17. AkWildman

    How about that !

    Well hows everyone holding up with this crazy stuff going on,I came home about a week ago from doing 4 weeks in Prudhoe and will have 4 weeks off then back for 4 weeks then hopefully back to my 2 week rotation.I have about 6 different knives in different stages of completion .I'm working...
  18. AkWildman

    Cold Shunts

    Here is a perfect example of why you must be very careful of cold shunts,as I worked the tang of this knife down I produced a cold shunt after I started the shoulder of the tang,I new I was going to have a cold shunt in the tang but also new were it was and that I would grind the tang past th...
  19. AkWildman

    Vote vote vote

    If your a member and have not voted in the choice awards go vote,we have hundreds of members and it looks like about 20 people are voting wit
  20. AkWildman

    Whew finaly finally caught up !

    Finaly got the last of my Christmas orders out the door before I head back up to Prudhoe Bay today. This first pic is Northern Lights Bushcrafter in A2 and the second pic is from left to right a Northern Lights Bushcrafter in 1084,a Orca in 1084 and a Long Hunter in 52100.