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  1. C. Killgore


    I've been using Anchorseal 2 to coat all my freshly cut wood. With burl blocks, I usually coat all the sides. Works well.
  2. C. Killgore

    Plunge line struggle

    Pretty much. I used a small cutoff of a larger piece of angle iron from my rolling mill project to connect the lower angle iron and the top platen. I welded it to the top and bolted to the angle iron below. So, technically, 1 piece of angle iron, 1 very short piece of larger angle iron, and a...
  3. C. Killgore

    Plunge line struggle

    Mine is above the wheel actually. I didn’t like the idea of it resting on that idler. Pretty decent moment about that top bolt from the belt tension which is why I tightened the crap out of it. Hasn’t moved since :D
  4. C. Killgore

    Plunge line struggle

    I tried that too. Just didn't work out for me. Like Ed said, I think it's just a matter of trying everything and figuring out what works for you.
  5. C. Killgore

    Plunge line struggle

    I’m not sure. Originally, I was planning to do different plates with different radii depending on the look I was going for. I had one corner-rounding endmill and just zipped it across. I can check tomorrow. This one is definitely about the same to what I’d end up with on the edge of the regular...
  6. C. Killgore

    Plunge line struggle

    Ahh, okay. I did watch some of his videos early on so I bet that's where I saw it. I haven't posted this anywhere. I just made it out of scrap that I had laying around. 2 pieces of angle iron and a flat plate. I put the slot in the bottom for the bolt so I could have a little more adjustment...
  7. C. Killgore

    Plunge line struggle

    I used to do it the way most people do it until I saw someone using a device like this. I bolt it on using the bolt you loosen to rotate the flat platen. It really takes the stress out of plunges. Radius that close edge and approach it for matching plunges. Still have to be a little careful...
  8. C. Killgore

    Cowboy CB4500 Sewing Machine

    I'm really glad the sewing machine is working out for you, Ed. Cody
  9. C. Killgore

    Quenching oil question

    That Metallurgy Fundamentals book is a great read. I picked it up years ago from Kevin's recommendation list and it really is a great primer. I've looked for the Quenching and Martempering book several times over the years and never found a single copy :(
  10. C. Killgore

    Dry ice bath tub

    I'd agree with that! I did a number of blades out of AEB-L years ago and used the dry ice / acetone bath. I had a lot of warping issues in that dry ice. I had to start being super careful and hold them upright to make sure they didn't fall over. It seemed to work better after that but was a...
  11. C. Killgore

    neck knives???

    I used to make tons of neck knives. I prefer one for EDC myself. I always wear it inside my shirt. It frees up space in my pockets. It's also pretty quick and easy to get to. Just gotta pay attention when re-sheathing :D Not much legality issues with knives in Louisiana. I think the only real...
  12. C. Killgore

    Let's see your anvil stand!

    Here's my setup. Yeah, I know it's a little weird but it's what works for me. Bunch of vertical 2x12's stuck together. There is a layer of silicone caulk underneath each anvil. Zero ring. My method of attachment is a bit more rudimentary than these others but it works. I keep thinking I need to...
  13. C. Killgore

    My Latest Take-Down Knife

    Very clean. Nice work! I’m going to have to try to make a take-down some day. Random question, you said nelsonized walnut burl. I assume that’s stabilized with Nelsonite? If so, I’ve looked at that a few times and wondered how well it worked. Do you have any opinions on it?
  14. C. Killgore

    My forge's going to take a while!

    Whatever gets you forging! Not an ideal design for blades since the burners are pointing straight at your work but it will do the job. I understand your concern. It was hard to advise further when I’m not there standing in front of the thing. Most people in the safety line of business think...
  15. C. Killgore

    My forge's going to take a while!

    I will say, on my first blown forge when I was learning the ropes... I had a tendency to keep turning up the PSI to try and get more heat but the problem wasn't the PSI but my air/gas mixture. I just wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for at that point. So, for a long time I ran it around 10...
  16. C. Killgore

    My forge's going to take a while!

    Well in the video (where the door is a little more open), I can't really tell if it's glowing around the burner entry point. I would expect some glowing around the top front firebrick door with it setup as-is. That area is in direct line-of-fire of the flames. Might also get some glowing in the...
  17. C. Killgore

    My forge's going to take a while!

    I’m certainly no Ed. I would just say that I normally run my blown forges between 1-2 psi then adjust gas only at needle valve. Only time I get up to 5psi+ is if I’m welding in the big forge to get it to up to heat quicker. You never want to seal that thing up. It really needs to breathe. Give...
  18. C. Killgore

    Best forge

    I'm on the "build it yourself" train as well. I'm just a hobbyist bladesmith so feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt. Last year, I noticed I had some periods where my motivation to get out in the shop was being impeded by equipment/processes that I was unhappy with. So I took it...
  19. C. Killgore

    Why is my video blurry?

    Watching from my phone here, I don’t notice blur or choppiness. Part of it can depend on your internet connection. Depending on the speed, it will serve you a lower resolution stream if it can’t handle it. Also, right after you upload it takes YouTube a little time to process all the different...
  20. C. Killgore

    What kind of wood is this?

    Pretty hard to tell from that photo. Is it super dense and smells funny when cut? Sorta looks like desert ironwood but might not be.