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  1. AkWildman

    Been working on this between orders.

    Heat blued .
  2. AkWildman

    Been working on this between orders.

    All that's left is leather work on this Wild River Bowie, hand forged 1084 with Turkish walnut black paper micarta and bronze the guard is forged from mild steel and given a lighter than black blue finish with a little sprout engraved on the lower quillian.
  3. AkWildman

    A Hunter, a Boner, and a Chef Don’t Walk into a Bar

    Good looking work,as others have said the title kind of threw me lol !
  4. AkWildman

    Small Bowie in Damascus and Stag

    Wow ,awesome work that's a nice package !
  5. AkWildman


    Of course
  6. AkWildman


    When your daughter is making a harpoon for her Alaska studies in school and she wants to use a trade point rather than bone and her dads a bladesmith. I forged this out of a 3 inch piece of 1/2 inch 5160 square bar.
  7. AkWildman

    Delicious Maple

    Here is one of my Scout models in A2 with some beautiful natural colored stabilized Maple burl .
  8. AkWildman


    I just opened a square account, I've had PayPal for years but my business name didn't include the word knife on my PayPal so maybe I've been under there radar,with what's going on with other makers I'm closing mine just on principle.
  9. AkWildman

    Some tasty walnut

    Just received this exhibition grade Turkish walnut directly from Istanbul, shipping was pricey but it's getting harder and harder to find reasonably priced stuff like this .
  10. AkWildman

    Harold Corby

    Very cool !
  11. AkWildman

    Block handles

    Gene covered most of it,I will add that if there is any curve to your tang you wont usually be able to just use a drill so make a broach just in case,you also want the hole size to match as close to the tang size as possible due to the fact that if you make the hole to large with the...
  12. AkWildman

    Grinding clip for false edge

    I use a bubble jig ,if you want to use a block or grinding jig I would recommend have it at 90 degrees and tilting your platen to the desired angle using digital angle block,that way your not set in stone so to speak and can make adjustments as needed or for different size blades and...
  13. AkWildman

    Recommend a forge and forging hammer(s)

    I own one of the small Atlas knife forges and it's a awesome little portable forge,it gets up to temp fast and I use it for small stuff, I have 3 forges ,a large ribbon burner a coal forge and the Atlas. My favorite is the ribbon burner but as I said the Atlas is great for small stuff...
  14. AkWildman

    Epoxy Curing Box?

    Just wasn't any profit in it,especially in Alaska were you have to ship everything in .
  15. AkWildman

    Epoxy Curing Box?

    Well I'm up at work in Prudhoe bay with ambient temp right now around -30 tomorrow is supposed to be around -50 now add some wind chill and a 65 deg shop sounds balmy ! Luckily my shop at home is heated but as mentioned obove by Chris i also used to be a Bowyer and still have all my...
  16. AkWildman

    Its all in the details

    Thanks I press fit all my guards .
  17. AkWildman

    Its all in the details

    Thank you Ed,that means a lot coming from you !
  18. AkWildman

    Frame Handle bowie

    You can put a full double guard on a full tang knife as long as the tang is not wider than the recoso. The great advantage of a frame handle is you use less high carbon steel and you can use scales,that comes into play when using high end handle materials,both of these benefits came into play...
  19. AkWildman

    Its all in the details

    Well I havnt even attempted to do any serious engraving yet but I did add this little Easter egg to the bottom rear quillian of this nicely shaped s guard. I think it's a nice little detail.
  20. AkWildman

    Little Skinner

    What a cutie pie!