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  1. scherf68

    All black/dark knife question

    I am making a knife for a friend who wants all black, I will be attempting first etch with ferric chloride (1:3 ratio), have a problem thinking ahead. I am only able to make full tang knives at my skill level, how do I keep spine above scales etched when shaping them? I glue scales on after...
  2. scherf68

    Kimmi KITH

    Received my KITH from Gene Kimmi, man am I excited to have this. It is light, fits in my palm perfectly, amazing detail that I will try to replicate some day. I was happy to participate in my first KITH and also to get my first Damascus knife. This knife will be in my will, it will never...
  3. scherf68

    Catholic Priest gift

    I am not Catholic and have not learned their protocols. I am a Christian but do not practice, my question is, my house is literally surrounded by a Catholic church two sides and have become friends with the father. I offered to make him a knife but he stated it would not be appropriate, I...
  4. scherf68

    I want to do my own stabilizing

    I have been wanting to stabilize wood and make own resin handles, is there a vacuum kit that is recommended? I searched hosts store but no luck, found a kit at walmart I pointed my kids to as a Xmas wish hint. My mechanical skills are well enough to build one but just want to get a kit and...
  5. scherf68

    My rendition for every day carry cleaver, for a cousin.

    My cousin is a chef and wanted a knife, showed me a pocket knife that looked like a mini cleaver. This is what I made for him, actually like it and don't want to give to him now, lol. Need to clean up and sharpen tomorrow.
  6. scherf68

    Tru Oil, want to try but need help.

    I want to try Tru Oil, ordered on Amazon and hopefully it arrives. In California and they won’t carry in local stores, banned for some reason like most cool things in this state. Every site I tried to order from banished the sale do to address, except Amazon. If my order is cancelled, will...
  7. scherf68

    Steel toe sandals?

    Where can one get steel toe sandals for the hobby, also need shop suggestions for heater, temperatures are dipping below 60 here in San Bernardino?
  8. scherf68

    Scherf68 KITH for OWL

    Fairly new at making knives, about 14 in but will post as I complete this KITH. I am self taught via internet research so bare with me, due to COVID shutting everything down.