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    Who else gets into a total funk when their heat treat numbers turn out low?

    It is not so much that it bothers me that heat treat is a point low, it is that i don’t know what went wrong... and i dont know which way it went, soft due to RA or grain size or some other experimental error... Well i think i know what went wrong this time, it seems that possibly my...
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    Some of my first straights - need to make mwoar razors!

    I am a straight razor novice, but i like them!!! These are all O1 and wood scales
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    Children and knifemaking

    Here are my boys’ new outdoor knives... the 8yo wanted a hunter bushcrafter... the youngest wanted an outdoors machete... both drew their own knives and i used the dangerous tools depending on their ages... and refined the shapes on the grinder according to their input on holding the knives’...
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    Sd reverse grip and trainer

    A k110 /d2 reverse grip fighter with an etched finish and composite g10 scales
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    Hi i found this forum recently and looking for good solid heat treat info... trying to areange everything i read into a manageble order in my head, it has been a process...