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    Felt platen

    This. Haven't bought one's on the top of the list...
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    Centering Rotary Table for Milling Machine

    You're welcome! Can't wait to see one of your new knives!
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    Centering Rotary Table for Milling Machine

    Yes! You got it. Snub up the pin as short as you can. A little flex can put you off center also. That is not too small a bore to indicate with a test indicator. So, after indicating in your rotary table. Use your pin to center the plate(clamp lightly)...then check the bore with an...
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    Centering Rotary Table for Milling Machine

    Make the hole bigger...sweep the rotary table....or...wonder where your error stacking is coming from. You HAVE to sweep the rotary table to know where center is anyway. Putting a pin through the plate will center the plate to the spindle....But is your rotary table on center? It has to be on...
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    no spammer

    ...High-jackin' spammers....
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    Hi, new guy here

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    Centering Rotary Table for Milling Machine

    Mount your dial indicator to the mill you can swing it in a circle.(an indicol style indicator holder works well...)You indicate the center bore on the rotary table moving the x and y axis until the dial indicator reads "zero" (when you swing it around the bore in the rotary.) that...
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    I would have never thought....

    Excellent Ed! you'll be as helpful there as you are here! Nice 1st article...btw!
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    Handle Treatments

    I wasn't aware my wife had bought a Wilson knife....
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    When pins get hot

    I run my belt slower on pins...and of course a NEW coarse belt...
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    Old but new...

    Thanks Fitzo! The lady at SSI said they'd probably reject me the first time....even with a disability assistance company. That gov't stuff is just too tiring to figure out.... Glad you're beating the odds!
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    Right and Wrong way to "drill out" a full tang

    I think anything that disrupts that shear plane helps. Holes, fullers, etc., on the chance that scales were over clamped a bit...all the added depth of glue will help.
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    Old but new...

    Yeah...I turn 60 this The doc just suggested trying for disability as my feet/legs are doing worse and the congestive heart failure is barley holding even....sigh. I still have new knife ideas I'm going to try...! (I just hired a disability company to help with getting SSI...
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    Old but new...

    I'm just glad to be alive...! Last two years have been like a bad surreal dream...o_O
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    Right and Wrong way to "drill out" a full tang

    Fortunately on larger longer bladed knifes you usually WANT the weight in the tang as balance is really more important than over all weight. I played and played with fullers on my Bowie model until I could get it to balance. i even thought about weighting the pommel area to get it there. a...
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    Jordan Lamothe Class

    Have fun 07!!
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    one almost finished

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    Tooln's 1st knife

    Very nice for a first! good job!
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    New shop question

    Agree! It will get dirty...but will wipe easy with the gloss...AND the light will be amazing! Good one Fitzo! Agree with the light too! NEVER too much light!
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    New shop question

    Golden. Do as many as you can afford. First time you land on your butt from a stretched hose you'll be hating