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  1. Austin Thrasher

    Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

    Been binge listening to a lot of Brad Paisley’s guitar instrumentals cause I’d love to be able to play at least a little like that one day. Also listen to a lot of podcasts like Ed Mylett, The Art of Manliness, The Way I heard it with Mike Rowe, EntreLeadership, and Knifetalk among others. Music...
  2. Austin Thrasher

    Got My 2020 KITH From tkroenlein

    Very nice knife, sheath, and presentation.
  3. Austin Thrasher

    Makers Mark / Logo - On The Left or Right?

    As Mr. Doyle said. I use the left as I’ve always heard it called the presentation side of the blade.
  4. Austin Thrasher

    Stamp for my sheath maker's wife....

    Very cool! I’d love to see a WIP also!
  5. Austin Thrasher

    KITH for Brad Walker

    Gonna go with number 2. Started out scribing the pattern onto the steel. Got it cut out with the ole trusty, dusty cut-off wheel on the angle grinder. Profiled her and then got my holes drilled and name stamped it. Then started rough grinding. And yes, I am a bit of a country boy but not a...
  6. Austin Thrasher

    KITH for Brad Walker

    Let’s say Brads vote counts for 3 when it comes in ;)
  7. Austin Thrasher

    KITH for Brad Walker

    Finally getting around to getting this started. Life is hectic and I apologize for the delay but am excited to get some shop time! I picked out a few of my “best sellers” for @Brad Walker. Which one shall I go with??? The two Hunter/Skinner knives are Tony Bose patterns that he graciously let me...
  8. Austin Thrasher

    KITH for Austin Thrasher

    Bro! That looks super sweet! I am stoked to get this one in hand and use it!
  9. Austin Thrasher

    Sheath loosening

    If your using carbon steel, wet leather can do bad things to carbon steel. To mitigate or completely eliminate corrosion or staining, I’ve always used alcohol to wet form with instead of water. I also usually wrap my knife with a thin wrap of Saran Wrap for a little extra protection. It dries...
  10. Austin Thrasher

    Good Boning Knife template

    I really like a good ole victorinox boning knife. I can’t remember exactly what it’s called. Check out the knife the bearded butchers love. It won’t be hard to find if you google “Bearded Butchers knife”. I have one and really like the shape for breaking things down.
  11. Austin Thrasher

    Something's not jiving

    I use windex brand window cleaner to neutralize with and have had good luck with it. The baking soda and water will also work fine.
  12. Austin Thrasher

    Sambar EDC

    Absolutely gorgeous, sir.
  13. Austin Thrasher

    KITH for Austin Thrasher

    Awesome! Is that done with a small wheel attachment? I would love to learn how to do that
  14. Austin Thrasher

    KITH for Austin Thrasher

    @Nick Schreiber If it’s not too late to make a handle request, I’m really liking the texturing you do on some of the knives you have posted in your photo gallery. I’d love to have that style handle on my KITH blade!
  15. Austin Thrasher

    Brass folder

    It also looks like walnut I’ve used before but I’m no expert.
  16. Austin Thrasher

    KITH for Austin Thrasher

    Sweet! Looking forward to this one brother!
  17. Austin Thrasher

    Chris’ KITH (For Gene Kimi) DONE

    Looks great! Really liking that moose antler.
  18. Austin Thrasher

    Amboyna Burl Scales - Stabilized - SOLD

    Payment and address sent. Thanks!