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  1. Jim Levite

    Brodbeck Grinder MEGA PACKAGE

    THIS IS A TRUCK LOAD OF A PACKAGE: I have basically a new BRODBECK 1.5HP Variable speed grinder package for sale. EVERYTHING TOTAL I HAVE AT $4800+. Selling for $3800 CASH. LOCATED IN ORANGE COUNTY NY. PM ME IF INTERESTED. Brodbeck 1.5hp VS Grinder Stock tool rest UPGRADED Wilmont Wheels...
  2. Jim Levite

    Kydex Swift Press, frame, foam

    No longer available
  3. Jim Levite

    Grinding Jig

    No longer available
  4. Jim Levite

    Wilmont TAG-101 Grinder

    No longer available
  5. Jim Levite

    Hand Sanitizer Mold Vacuum Press

    No longer available
  6. Jim Levite

    No longer available

    No longer available
  7. Jim Levite

    1x6 Diamond Stones

    No longer available
  8. Jim Levite

    No longer available

    No longer available
  9. Jim Levite

    No longer available

    No longer available
  10. Jim Levite


    BRAND NEW STYLE TRAY. 5 DIVIDED COMPARTMENTS with a deep Definition. I am super pleased with these. I did not think I could get Kydex to mold this much. All made of .080 Kydex. All measure 9.75 x 7.5 x .75. At this time I only did 5 of these in POLICE BLUE. Price is $24 SHIPPED. FIRST 5 TO...
  11. Jim Levite

    KCB77 German Army Knife/Bayonet Blank

    KCB77 German Army knife/bayonet w/ Bowie style blade, saw and wire cutter slot. Manufacturer- These are authentic KCB77 blades manufactured by Eickhorn Solingen, Germany (stamped with Eikhorn's squirrel logo) that were never finished with handles or scabbards. Dimensions: Blade length- 7"'...
  12. Jim Levite

    Vacuum Press kit

  13. Jim Levite

    Kydex Dump Trays

    I felt like messing with some Kydex overstock today. Decided to make a bunch of Dump Trays. These are perfect for your days pocket contents. Have one on your dresser, nightstand, workbench, wherever. All made of .080 Kydex. All measure 9.75 x 7.5 x .75. Neon Green and Police Blue. Neon Green...
  14. Jim Levite

    Kydex jig

    No longer available
  15. Jim Levite

    Vacuum press

    No longer available
  16. Jim Levite


    No longer available
  17. Jim Levite

    Kydex Sheets .080 12x12

    No longer available
  18. Jim Levite

    Dremel 4309 Kit +++

    No longer available
  19. Jim Levite

    Black Fox 9" Disc Grinder

    I have a Brand New Black Fox 9"disc grinder attachment. This is an awesome attachment that can be used on ANY Grinder with 1.5" tooling arm. 9" DISK SANDER ATTACHMENT Expand the capability of your 2x72” grinder with our 9” Disk Sander attachment! Our Disk Sander attachment runs off any...
  20. Jim Levite

    Kershaw Launch 4's

    No longer available