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  1. slatroni

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Been a while, just got a Atlas mini forge and was thinking about all the Dogs here that helped me get started and just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
  2. slatroni

    Diamond steel sharpeners ?

    lanskey diamond for me.
  3. slatroni

    My new knife-like object

    Pretty Cool!
  4. slatroni

    Anyone here sell blade blanks?

    Ben when you say blank, are you referring to a blank blade ( a flat bar cut out) or a ground blade?
  5. slatroni

    Fresh off the bench.

    Thank you Ed, I am back to work and healing up fast! I need a trip to the high country before the snow falls, to eat some trout!
  6. slatroni

    Fresh off the bench.

    Thanks Guys. Guindesigns, The handle is glued on.
  7. slatroni

    Fresh off the bench.

    Ya the knee was allot bigger deal than I thought it was going to be. If I stand for more than two hours I have to pay for it the next day.
  8. slatroni

    Fresh off the bench.

    Zebra wood and 1095
  9. slatroni

    Need a small piece of exotic leather

    Ebay, look under exotic skins or exotic leather in the craft section. Lots of cool stuff. Ray, Alligator, lizard etc.
  10. slatroni

    stuff happens

    Scott, I just had my knee replaced two months ago. I go in the shop about 15 min. at a time and then back to the ice......................
  11. slatroni

    Cleaning Flats after heat treat

    This is what I use to clean up the flats. This thing works!
  12. slatroni

    New Website Critiques wanted.

    Nice job on the web sight. I enjoyed the part about your makers mark. Everything was working fine and your prices on wood seem more that fair!
  13. slatroni


    I do the same thing with a plastic bag. Then turn it inside out to save the grindings.
  14. slatroni

    Prayer request

  15. slatroni

    passed my JS test

    Nice, Congrats!
  16. slatroni

    Recent Projects

    Very nice work Matt!
  17. slatroni

    Some Snaps of My Fresh knife Collection

    harshitgpt89 looks like you have a good jump on collecting. Like Freeman said buy the best you can afford. Some day down the road they will be worth allot more. I could have bought Viet Nam area Randalls all day for around $150 and now 20+ years later they are starting at $500 and go up from...
  18. slatroni

    One I made from my oops pile

    Oops to awesome.
  19. slatroni

    First Knife Handle Repair

    Man, that turned out sweet!