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  1. Bruce McLeish

    My first one for 2021

    The title says it all. As usual , critique is welcome.
  2. Bruce McLeish

    Hey Mark...

    Now that the holidays are over, and ya did such a bang-up job last time , I believe you volunteered to do this years KITH for May or so ,right? When ya startin' ,masked man? (Asked the ever humble Tonto !)(also known as crusty barnacle , thanks Mr Wilson!!)
  3. Bruce McLeish

    my first real sheath

    as always, critique away , mon amis
  4. Bruce McLeish

    tool recommendation

    bought a set of these small rasps. was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Cheep, too! I use them for handle shaping.
  5. Bruce McLeish

    Just a reminder...

    Today is Pearl Harbor day. "A day that will live in infamy." Remember those who gave you today. Thanks all. It REALLY is important to acknowledge today, even if only for a moment.
  6. Bruce McLeish

    need critique

    on this new one of mine. how does it look? made from 1084. hrc above 55 less than 60. oal 8" blade length 4"
  7. Bruce McLeish


    I want to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving. Even with all we have endured this past year , both individualy and collectively as a country ( or a body politic) as it were, we have so much to be thankful for. I am very thankful for the new friends I've made here, for instance. Greg doesn't...
  8. Bruce McLeish

    any interest in...

    some of this oak for scales? If so , reply here and I'll post pics so you can choose. I'll show prices at that time also, along with measurements and any other needed info.
  9. Bruce McLeish

    new tool

    found this at the feed store. I'm going to use it for glue up. Shouldn't be as messy as a stick! Only cost about a buck.
  10. Bruce McLeish

    easier way to find center

    I just cobbled together this center finder out of scraps.this pic shows how it's used:last pic shows results:Uncolored section is a measured (with a digital caliper then scribed) and the blued section was with the new tool. Just as accurate, no setup or measurements needed. Easy to make , took...
  11. Bruce McLeish

    First try at a Hamon

    Not very exciting, but I can see it. Any way to enhance it? BTW that's a new knife design , too.
  12. Bruce McLeish

    Another pay it forward thread

    I have an extra 12vdc power supply that can be used for etching. ( or anything that needs 12 vdc). Should not cost more than $12.00 for shipping. No cost for the supply. Reply here or pm me if you're interested. If I posted in the wrong place, move it please.
  13. Bruce McLeish

    McLeish KITH 2020

    Here is the design for Greg Rice. These are Japanese style knives . They are a set because that's the way they are used. Coupla surprises Planned for this one!1084 steel for both, santoku is .120 thick X 10.5 oal. Petty is .070 thick X 8 oal. Hidden tang (new to me ). Handle material native wood...
  14. Bruce McLeish

    Need some help/info

    about G10. As in : what is the best way to shape it when it's being used as a liner? Remember , I don't have a grinder. Best way to finish it. Any precautions? Any special info? Thanks in advance
  15. Bruce McLeish

    Hey, John Wilson (and any one else!!!)

    John, been working on my rendition of your 4" hunter. Here's where it is today.. tomorrow is heat treat day ( if it's not 110 degrees!) any comments, observations, suggestions? (and no, the suggestion to get a new hobby is not allowed!)
  16. Bruce McLeish

    some interesting wood

    some of you know that I do a lot of wood cutting for firewood. Well , as I was splitting some newly felled sugar pine (it was killed by bark beetles) I discovered a whole tree with this coloration. I've never seen it to this extent before. If any of a'll are interested in some, let me know. I...
  17. Bruce McLeish

    first time ..... no, not THAT ,,,,

    but this : a first attempt at mokume gane. Made from quarters.
  18. Bruce McLeish

    Quench plate ?

    Would it be beneficial to drill holes in the back of the plate to increase surface area and thereby increasing the quenching effect? Just an idle question due to quarantine!
  19. Bruce McLeish

    I got lucky...

    A feller down towards town was having a garage sale and so i stopped. He was selling a "trashey, piece o'crap " 14 inch bandsaw that never worked. He sold it to me for $10.00. Got it home, cleaned it up, did some adjustments of the guides and lubed it up. First free hand cut in a piece of...
  20. Bruce McLeish

    This quarantine....

    Is killing me! I just finished running 300 feet of new fence. Tomorrow, I have to electrify it. I'm working harder now!