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  1. John Wilson

    Cowboy CB4500 Sewing Machine

    Those turned out beautiful. The time savings is... well there’s really no words for how great that is. Just the thought of sewing five sheaths by hand- my fingers would be raw and cut up for a week from pulling each stitch tight. I cringe at doing two sheaths.
  2. John Wilson

    What's going on in your shop?

    Nice one, Daniel! That is very very cool.
  3. John Wilson

    Gun Powder Therapy :)

    Isn't that the truth! And when you shoot a string you count "$1, $2, $3, $4, $5... Let's see what kind of group I got for $5." Just to throw this out there, but I had a great experience the other day. Midsouth Shooters Supply isn't one that I normally use, but back in November they let me...
  4. John Wilson

    Gun Powder Therapy :)

    It always feels good to get some therapy! Ammo being like hen's teeth, and components being even worse, my range time has taken a serious hit. I'm happy to see you feeling good and getting out there in the sunshine to throw some lead downrange.
  5. John Wilson

    I'm Back!

    welcome back! looking forward to seeing your new work!
  6. John Wilson

    Tru Oil tip

    The two problems I have are the oil kicking before I use half of it, and the cap gluing itself on which seems to happen no matter how well i keep the foil seal clean. (I’m a hole-poker). Once upon a time I decanted the bottle into several tiny little bottles. It did make the oil last...
  7. John Wilson

    DMT Diamond Stones

    Lately I’ve been sharpening on the slack belt with my big contact wheel. I started doing this after sharpening random knives as a favor for friends and discovering that most of these knives were beyond dull and way too thick at the edge. In that case I actually begin sharpening on the wheel...
  8. John Wilson

    Howdy from SC

    welcome aboard! looks like you’re off to a great start!
  9. John Wilson

    Sweeping plunge line? Grind line?

    It’s an old Iroquois word meaning “smells like ben gay and dirty feet”
  10. John Wilson

    Belt grinder on ebay: Is it worth the money?

    ... not that you intend to thread rifle barrels, but if you ever wanted to...
  11. John Wilson

    Belt grinder on ebay: Is it worth the money?

    Don’t overlook the spec which shows how thick a piece of stock you can pas through the chuck / spindle. I can’t tell you just how useful that is. You want to be able to do your work right up against the chuck so that your workpiece doesn’t get deflected by the side pressure of the cutting...
  12. John Wilson

    What's going on in your shop?

    A repeat customer of mine who has become a friend approached me a couple of months ago. He wanted to give his son a Christmas present of making his own knife and asked if I’d be willing to do that. My answer was ABSOLUTELY!! I’ve known his son for about six years. He was a kid starting...
  13. John Wilson

    Motor forward and reverse

    Yes it can be done. It will require several relays and switches. You may be better off buying a mechanically interlocked reversing contactor / motor starter. Here is a good explanation: It may be less expensive to buy an inexpensive 3...
  14. John Wilson

    Finished Oak handled Damascus Utility

    Fred, you knocked it out of the park!
  15. John Wilson

    What are these called and where do I get some

    You can do this on a full tang as well by inserting a threaded bushing in the pin hole.
  16. John Wilson

    KDs Best of 2020....

    nonsense! I couldn’t be more excited!
  17. John Wilson

    KDs Best of 2020....

    I kind of went on an Elk Antler spree this year. Not the best pics, but here are a couple that were a break from my norm. I make a lot of the same knives over and over again because they’re my sellers. I think I’m going to seriously throttle back on orders this year and focus on pushing...
  18. John Wilson

    reenlist knife

    that is a Pakistani copy of a Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife. The FS design is a hallmark of the British military and came into being around 1941.
  19. John Wilson

    Best friction folder so far.

    nicely done! the burl is incredible. I really like the blade shape and the proportions of the knife overall.
  20. John Wilson

    Final glue up , oak handle.

    Looks beautiful, Fred!