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    Cleaning Scotch Brite Belts

    Not sure if this was covered recently here- but I was wondering about the ability to clean a Scotch Brite or Surface conditioning belt. I used a fine belt to polish some aluminum for the Bevel jigs i have- and it left fine grit and particles in the belt. I use the belt for finishing blades and...
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    First finished blade if 2020

    My first of hopefully many in this New year! NRiggi Knives post
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    Bowie grinds

    I know the KITH knives this year were Bowie's, so I wanted to ask some advice as I will be sending 4 out for HT next week and then working on them. We're most of you grinding the bevels using a contact wheel or the flat platen? Also, is it better to grind the main bevel or the swedge first...
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    Straight cuts on the Bandsaw

    I was wondering what method everyone uses when cutting wood blocks/stock down to usable scale sizes. I dont have a table saw with fence ( that would be the optimal setup) I have been using my Portaband that is in a Swag table. I mark out the block to the desired size then steadily try to...
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    AEB=L bad Heat Treatment?

    I sent six knives out last week for heat treat to the same place I always have. The heat treater called me today to let me know that one of the six only hardened to 55 Rockwell ? All the steel came from the same place and that blank probably was cut from the same length as one of the others...
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    Contact wheel set up

    Planning on getting a 10 inch contact wheel soon and just wondering what the proper way to connect it to the tooling arm would be? Do I need a sleeve or bushing or just a bolt, washers and nuts? Any thoughts ideas or help with any of this is appreciated. Nick
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    Wormy Chestnut boards

    I got my hands on 2 boards of this Wormy Chestnut that are about 3 ft long/5 inches wide and 1 inch thick. These were reclaimed barn wood that was cut from the barn beams. According to the person who gave this to me- is over 75 years old. It looks good and has a good weight- does show the...
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    Another Makers Mark question...

    I just had my Makers Mark updated, new one will have no box or border to it- and about a 25% reduction in size and inverted the marked area- was wondering where everyone is placing their marks. Left side- right side- upper area or below the bevel or on the ricasso.
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    Question on when to add your Makers Mark

    I wanted to ask when most of you add your mark- prior to or after handle fit up. I have seen it and done it myself both ways. There are pros and cons to both in my opinion. Just looking for feedback/advice.
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    Small wheel question

    I am looking at getting a small wheel attachment and I have 2 questions: What is the most common size of the small wheels that gets used? Can the holder be attached to the tooling arm that currently has a flat platen attached?
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    Need grinder advice

    Almost ready to purchase a 2x72 and was set on an OBM but then came across this. Anyone have any experience with this model or any thoughts on having an aluminum frame?
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    Need some Grinder advice

    Been getting closer to pulling the trigger on a 2x72 and have been juggling a few different "budget" type models. The OBM was a front runner then I found this one: Looks decent and I would pair it with...
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    Some completed knives during the holidays

    All done on a HF 1x30 Top one was electr etched with a rock pattern. Others are acid stonewashed with hand textured G 10
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    Blade sanding and finishing

    I was looking at some production knives I have. These aren't expensive blades bur the finish on the satin flats was far beyond what my hand sanding is. They are super clean, even and not a stray scratch. I have spent an hour on a few of my homemade knives and gone up to 1500 grit but still cant...
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    Smoothing out grindlines

    I have been using a HF 1x30 and can produce decent blades- the problem is that with the small platen you can only grind the flats across the platen horizontally. Thus, all the lines go that way- so it leaves lots of hand sanding to get all of the lines vertical from hilt to tip. Any...
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    Finished blade

    1084- hand sanded to 500 grit. Paper Micarta handles with white paper liners. Need to work on fine tunning some items but overall happy with this- only been at this for 6 months and 8 blades down. This is by far my most "refined" yet. Will keep working on fit and finish on future builds.
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    Some WIP's

    Sanded to 500 and a little fine clean up on the bevels needed- will HT and add and contour handles and finish.
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    Slag removal after HT

    What is the best way to remove slag after HT and oil quench? Easiest way?
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    New to the forum

    Hello. My name us Nick from NJ and I love knives. I collect, buy and sell them on occasion. I have also recently begun making small blades. I currently also have some bevel angle grinding jigs for sale here on the site. Glad to be here! Nick