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  1. Justin Presson

    How is everyone holding up?

    Hey guys just checking in and seeing how everyone is holding up in this unprecedented time? I have young kids 5 and 8 years old trying to home school them and working mostly from home and going into work only when I need to so about 1/4 of the time I'm on site. Wife is a nurse and she is 50/50...
  2. Justin Presson

    Hedge post

    I need some knowledge from you guys. I am cutting up some hedge or bois d'arc as I think you southern guys call it and going to make fence post for the new homestead. My question is should I strip the bark off it or leave it. I assume stripping the bark would make it last even longer but not...
  3. Justin Presson

    Let's see your anvil stand!

    Ok guys, with the new anvil I have acquired I need to build a stand for it. Can you guys share your pictures of what you have made and your thoughts on different designs? Thanks! JP
  4. Justin Presson

    Christmas Anvil!

    First off Merry Christmas knifedogs. This was a gift from my parents, pretty excited! Anyone have any info on this guy, all you anvil experts? M&H Armatige Mouse Hole from what I can gather. Not sure of age or weight?
  5. Justin Presson

    Still here, life is busy!

    Hey guys, I have been missing in action for quite some time on here and Instagram. I looked on my Instagram account and it was May the last time I posted. I took a new job last year and has had me working more hours...alot more hours and of course my kids are getting older and more active, I'm...
  6. Justin Presson

    Another Ironwood Camp Bowie

    Hey guys finished another camp Bowie up. Turned out nice, love me some ironwood. I also ran the fuller out further on this one which turned out nice. This one is for sale if anyone is interested send me a message.
  7. Justin Presson

    Family Heriloom Ironwood Bowie

    This is the first of the Bowies done. I made this as a family heirloom that will hopefully get passed down for generations long after I'm dirt. Still needs to be sharpened but I could not wait to take a few pictures of it. Stamped and hand stitched sheath to go with it. 1075 steel with hamon and...
  8. Justin Presson

    Sheath Makin Hatin Club

    I'm starting a new organization if any one wants to join. I'm making leather sheaths for the small bowies and I wish I enjoyed making leather sheaths as much as I do knives... :( I think I figured out why. Knifemaking comes a bit more natural I guess but for some dang reason and I can not put...
  9. Justin Presson

    Missed on the heat treat

    Just thought I would share this with you guys as a learning experience. I had a gut feeling that one out of the 4 bowies I'm working on may have not properly hardened. As you can clearly see in the picture I only got about 3" of the edge from ricasso to tip to harden. This was the second blade I...
  10. Justin Presson

    Heat treating 1075

    Going to heat treat those 4 bowies this weekend. The steel is 1075 from NJSB and I have only done stock removal to them. So my little forge is what I'm going to use. Is thermal cycling necessary, I think I know what everyone is going to say but want to make sure as I do not have a way to tell...
  11. Justin Presson

    Show us your grinder.

    I thought about this as I was reading Abotts thread about building his grinder. I thought we could post up pictures of our grinders as this is probably the most important tool in a knife makers shop. Explain what make and model, home built or store bought and maybe what you do or don't like...
  12. Justin Presson

    Grinding a swedge?

    Ok guys have a question for ya. What is the best way or your technique on grinding in a swedge on a clip point? What tool to use, before or after heat treat. I'm using 3/16 stock. JP
  13. Justin Presson

    Work in batches

    I just wanted to put up this post to help new guys. I'm working on those 4 camp bowies and thought I should share to newer knife makers how much more efficient it is to work on multiple knives in batches then working on a single knife. By that I mean work on each knife at the same step before...
  14. Justin Presson

    Kitchen knife for the Wife

    Here is a kitchen knife I finished for the wife. It fought me all the way....just like her :D I enjoyed making this knife. I still need to sharpen it and decide if I'm going to make a holder for it. Cant wait to use it. Steel is AEB-L at 60 hrc Wood is Hedge as I call it, Osage Orange or Bois...
  15. Justin Presson

    Scaloping front of handle scales question

    Does anyone have a good technique to get that little scalloped area? I want to do it on this chef's knife. This is an example of what I'm talking about. Knives by Burt Foster.
  16. Justin Presson

    Check your platen

    I'm gringing this large kitchen knife last night and one side by the plunge was giving me fits. Kept having this little ridge that I could not grind out and kept chasing it. Then the light bulb went off to check my glass platen and yep big chip out of the edge right where that ridge was at. I...
  17. Justin Presson

    Need help picking bearings for folder

    Hey guys I need some help from the folder makers. I want to try some bearings instead of PB washers. I have been using 3/16 pivots but I'm not sure exactly what bearings to get. Here are my questions. 1. What size outside diameter? 2. What size inside diameter? thick or ball size? 4.What...
  18. Justin Presson

    Old U.S.N Mark 2 knife

    Anyone on here know any information on this knife? I fixed a busted tip on it and owner does not know much about it.
  19. Justin Presson

    Titanium Frame Lock Wharncliffe

    I have been working on this knife of and on for a long time. It's only my second frame lock. I'm not happy with the action or lack of action as a flipper. You hit the flipper tab and it deploys about half way. I screwed up several things on this knife and weaseled my way around the mistakes and...
  20. Justin Presson

    Finally finished the Colt .22 restoration

    Guys who have been here a little while remeber this gun. I looked back and it has been about 3 years since this gun came into my possession. I have been working on it off and on and finally got with my buddy and got the Cerakote job done on it. Midnight Blue was the cerakote color. The stock is...