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  1. Gilbert M

    Covid has hit home

    Hoping for a speedy recovery for your wife and that you stay covid free.
  2. Gilbert M

    Forging a large Damascus "can"

    Thank you for your response Ed. Makes sense very clear. I'm building a press to go with my leaf spring power hammer I will keep what you said in mind.
  3. Gilbert M

    Forging a large Damascus "can"

    Great video thanks for sharing. Is there a reason why you wouldn't use Orange crush with drawing dies instead of the power hammer? Or press some divots in and then take it back to the Hammer to draw it out. Second question that looks like vermiculite is that the only annealing step. Gilbert
  4. Gilbert M

    Next step up from Dremel?

    There are also those drum kits for a drill or drill press. I used them before I got my small wheels. Get extra sleeves and longer is better of course more material.
  5. Gilbert M

    Guard Hole

    If your material isn't to hard (mild steel is fine) you can use a jewlers saw ,drill 2 holes scribe a couple lines and cut. I have a mill but sometimes still have to use a saw with kitchen bolsters because they're to thin to mill. It does take some practice the blades are delicate.
  6. Gilbert M

    simple forgeable stainless

    Could be tricky to get it so thin ,but you could do stainless /carbon San mai . For stainless San mai I've only used 410 and it works well.
  7. Gilbert M

    Tru-Oil on Cocobolo?

    I've never tested shellac or a full coat of ca so I can't speak to those, but have read warnings of them getting cloudy with moisture. I do like tru oil and think it's similar to my tung oil in its effect on color. Here's an experiment I'm doing after cleaning as mentioned above. Left to right...
  8. Gilbert M

    Perfecting bevel line?

    I've never used a jig but once your grind gets to the edge (nomenclature:oops: edge, bevel, micro bevel, secondary bevel,flat, hollow) isn't that it? seems if you had no taper the grind line would be even. I use a tool rest and push stick occasionally some free hand. If you're looking for...
  9. Gilbert M

    Building a pattern in laminated steel

    Maybe a cross or diagonal peen hammer or a ball peen. That blade and sheath look great.
  10. Gilbert M

    Quench tank

    @believerjoe To seal the lids on my tanks I put a bead of hi-temp forms a gasket on the lid and cling wrap on the tanks close it up and when dry the wrap peels right off. I think your supposed to keep moisture out and pretty sure you should try to avoid flare up. Maybe I'm being to cautious.
  11. Gilbert M

    What's going on in your shop?

    Thank you. Larry was demonstrating on antler, I am using brown mallee burl here it's pretty soft so I think that could be good or bad. I almost used ironwood this is my only experience ,but I think finishing is easier on soft wood and so are mistakes .
  12. Gilbert M

    What's going on in your shop?

    Here is something I've been working on my first attempt at carving. The handle is getting pretty close. At the March 2020 Travis Wuertz hammer inn I was able to attend a carving class by Larry Fuegen a world class maker , very nice man and great instructor. My idea wasn't to copy things exactly...
  13. Gilbert M

    Blade shape help?

    I'll address the handle portion of the knife. When I find handle patterns I like I'll make a metal template, then later I can use that or have a good starting point for a new design. If I make a new pattern I'll cut it out of plywood or a block of wood to see how it feels. You can use those...
  14. Gilbert M

    Bad forge weld?

    I'm not as experienced as many here, but maybe decarb. Good looking knife.
  15. Gilbert M

    Knife size boxes?

    @Mark Barone I should have been clearer You can find them from many sources this is one of my favorite suppliers. They come in vinyl and cloth.
  16. Gilbert M

    Knife size boxes?

    I've been looking for the right box. With a nice bowie, hunter or similar I use a zipper pouch and a cloth bag for the sheath. My last few kitchen knives I've put a cork on the tip then wrapped the blade with off white felt then wrapped with natural linen and tie off with jute. I saw someone do...
  17. Gilbert M

    Newbie in Arizona

    Welcome Dustin. I'm sure you'll learn a lot at the hammer-in and meet some great makers and WIP makers:). I've been to one class (frame handles) at it was a good class . Another place I haven't been to yet is they have some...
  18. Gilbert M

    Cutting Even Bevels

    I'm still learning and haven't ground that many blades. The way I learned I use the tool rest and a push stick similar to you I have a stronger side. I don't know if you're taking full passes every time, but when I run into you're problem(I hope I understand smile is on the spine) I concentrate...
  19. Gilbert M

    Damascus welding

    I tried a ceramic shelf floor in one of my forges it melts pretty bad when the flux hits it, I got the shelf from a local pottery supply admittedly I'm not sure of the composition. I ended up putting some castable on top of it until I redo it. My other forge has a split hard fire brick and it...
  20. Gilbert M

    Straight cuts on the Bandsaw

    I'm not sure what tooth count your blade is but maybe something like 6 tpi would help if you're using a standard 14-18 now . It might be a little cheesy but I wonder if you could use one of those super strong little magnets with a handle and attach that to your table as a guide.