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  1. Owl

    Trizact Belts

    I was amazed at how much faster I learned when I had an instructor standing with me at the grinder. Books and YT videos are OK but it just isn't nearly as good as in person teaching. If you can take a class or work with a bladesmith in your area it will boost you way up on the learning curve. I...
  2. Owl

    Trizact Belts

    Post HT I have been using Norton Blaze 50 and 120, then Trizact A65, A45, A30. Leaves a nice finish.
  3. Owl

    Trizact Belts

    Tru-Grit has them.
  4. Owl

    Trizact Belts

    the 347FC series can be used wet. I ordered some last month and they work fine with my misting system.
  5. Owl

    I have to say it...Respect to Ben Abbott

    Yep, that was a very impressive build. But during that whole session I was thinking about how much skill and effort must have gone into the original. Imagine doing all that forge welding without the benefit of modern power equipment and materials.
  6. Owl

    Hello from New York! First-ever knife completed yesterday.

    welcome to the addiction
  7. Owl


    top of a pvc tube full of ferric chloride
  8. Owl

    New Book: Knifemaking Hacks

    Looks good! Congrats Jason. What is the price?
  9. Owl

    Jimping Preferences?

    I use a Grobet 20 line per inch file and use the same technique of starting with the file tilted and then slowly flattening it out. I also like to use a file guide to help me get started without muffing it.
  10. Owl

    Christmas gift idea help?

    Damascus belt buckle?
  11. Owl

    Some Christmas "Mom" gifts

    Wow! Those are amazingly beautiful!
  12. Owl

    Bandsaw Blade TPI

    Any idea how the M42 blades last compared to the Lenox Diemaster 2?
  13. Owl

    Covid has hit home

    Our family has yours in our prayers Ed. Hope Cindy recovers quickly and you stay safe.
  14. Owl

    Shop safety, more than basics

    "hold my beer"
  15. Owl

    Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

    I agree...Mark Knopfler is amazing. Love his style of guitar work. I can listen to Telegraph Road ( especially on the Alchemy album ) for hours.
  16. Owl

    Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

    I listen to ZZ Top, Dire Straits, AC/DC. Clapton. My 3M worktunes headset is awesome.
  17. Owl

    Arbor Press Question Advise

    I've seen people make a fixture to use with a bench vise for flaring thong tubes. That way they had both sides if the handle secured.
  18. Owl

    Miss the Holiday Swap?

    I would be onboard for a KITH later in the year also. I did think the Christmas swap last year was really great. Maybe next year we can have it again.
  19. Owl

    Controlling dust and grit while grinding.

    If that's the case my shop is severely depressed.
  20. Owl

    Humorous Cartoon

    I believe they are the fruit of the ironwood tree.