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  1. John Wilson

    Got my H&S Knives gear! Justin Wells

    I really want to congratulate our own Justin Wells. You want to talk about a young maker who is really getting after it. In a very short time he has developed his skills to a very high level and is turning out beautiful knives with his own recognizable style. Now he has started a...
  2. John Wilson

    John Wilson’ KITH

    Started on the KITH for Johan. This will be an 8” Chef in Koa with black and white liners. Kitchen knives are measured by the length of the blade. This knife has a cutting edge of about 8-1/4 inches (210mm). It will be 2” tall at the heel (~ 50mm). I am starting with .110” thickness...
  3. John Wilson

    4 inch Hunter in Elk and Maple

    Here are some shop pics of a 4 inch Hunter that I just completed. The theme that the customer wanted was Red, White, and Blue but he wanted it subtle. He didn’t want it to look like Captain America. For white I went with Elk antler and the red is curly maple that I colored with red mahogany...
  4. John Wilson

    Elk and Olive Wood Hunters

    A couple pics of a set of three that I recently finished. Handles are Elk antler and Olive wood. Blades are brut de forge 1075. These are big knives. The blades are roughly 6-1/2 inches long and the knives are roughly 12 inches overall. In keeping with the rustic frontier theme, I dyed...
  5. John Wilson

    New anvil and stand

    I picked up the Atlas knifemaker’s anvil after giving up on the search for an affordable used anvil. Everyone is familiar with anvil prices, and here in FL they can be tough to find anyway. As to the stand I made, well it ain’t pretty but I think it will serve the purpose. I used nine 2x4s...
  6. John Wilson

    Jigged bone dye?

    Question for anyone who uses bone: I just picked up a set of dyed jigged bone scales to use on a folder, as well as some white bone I intend to dye myself. The dyed scales I received are covered in dye that comes off on my fingers. How do I clean these up? Will I need to seal them somehow...
  7. John Wilson

    received Ken’s 2018 KITH Knife

    I received Ken H’s KITH knife and it is a beauty! First, this is no delicate flower! This knife feels very solid, while at the same time it is not heavy at all. It feels excellent in the hand thanks to a very well designed handle which feels comfortable and secure in any position or...
  8. John Wilson

    Finally made a decent file guide

    I’ve been getting along for quite some time with a super basic file guide I made from 1084 or whatever it was I had laying around at the time. Then I started using it when I grind bevels, and it shows. Consequently, it’s no longer all that great for squaring shoulders on hidden tangs. Go...
  9. John Wilson

    lignum vitae cracking issues?

    A customer has requested that I use lignum vitae for handle scales. He wants three folders for family heirlooms and the significance of the wood is that it’s taken from a log of lignum vitae which marked the entrance to his grandfather’s property years ago. I am reading reports that this wood...
  10. John Wilson

    Laser engraved makers mark

    I tried something new for my makers mark. A customer wanted some extra personalization on a knife and I didn’t have time to get a stencil made. My solution was to have it laser engraved. While I was at it I decided to do the makers mark as well. I drew this one up quickly right before...
  11. John Wilson

    John Wilson's KITH WIP - folder COMPLETE

    I guess I need to start one of these for the 2018 KITH. I know it's maker's choice, but I'd rather make something somebody would want to have. I feel like my best work is kitchen knives, but I am also making slipjoints now which is pretty fun. Does anybody have a preference?
  12. John Wilson

    Re-Handling a folder

    It's funny how things tend to come full circle. Friends ask me how I got started making knives, and the truth is that I sort of fell into it. I would sharpen knives for friends and that progressed into reconditioning old knives. Reconditioning became making new handles and guards, and then...
  13. John Wilson

    A couple of firsts: Big Bowies and Hamons

    These knives represent a couple of firsts for me. I had never done a big Bowie or a hamon, so why not swallow an elephant and try both at the same time? I can say that the hamon was certainly a learning experience. I'm okay with the results but I have a long list of lessons learned that I...
  14. John Wilson

    Culinary Set in Redwood Burl

    I had a customer request a full culinary set. Originally these knives were going to get curly maple handles. I had some gorgeous curly maple from John Doyle and I was excited to use it. Then John offered up blocks of Redwood Burl and I jumped that. When I posted pics of the Redwood Burl...
  15. John Wilson

    Culinary Set in Pommele Koa

    Just a few poorly done cell phone pics of a set I just completed. I will take better pics, so please excuse the bad lighting and the dust spots. This was one of those very pleasant surprises. A customer ordered a chef knife. I sent him some WIP pics as I usually do during the build. He...
  16. John Wilson

    6 inch Chef in AEB-L with Curly Maple

    Here is a 6 inch Chef I just completed. Blade is .110 AEB-L with a full distal taper, rounded spine and rounded heel. I did the handle from a darker piece of curly maple, with Honey Amber tint and black liners.
  17. John Wilson

    Hunter Fighter in AEB-L and Curly Maple

    I just finished this one. This is the second knife of this design I've made. The first one I did a stacked leather handle and this time I decided to go with curly maple. The blade is AEB-L, the guard and pommel are stainless, with a brass accent in the guard. Overall I'm really happy...
  18. John Wilson

    7-1/2 inch Slicer ARB-L and Bubinga burl

    7-1/2 inch Slicer AEB-L and Bubinga burl 7-1/2 inch Slicer in AEB-L. I had a heck of a time finding Bubinga burl. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. John Wilson

    Heritage Hunter - my first stacked leather handle

    This is my first attempt at a stacked leather handle. Also my first attempt at a two-piece guard with a brass accent spacer. Blade is 5-1/2 inches of AEB-L at 61HRC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. John Wilson

    figured bubinga?

    I'm looking everywhere for highly figured bubinga. If none of you have any you're willing to part with, would you mind sharing a trusted source for it? Man I hate buying wood over the net from a big wood outfit. Of course every picture they post looks like the most beautiful piece of wood...