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  1. R.Keith

    Is there a lawyer in the pack?

    Watch it with your wife so you can say, Now, that's not in the original version, or Yep, that's just like before.
  2. R.Keith

    Ernie Finished a couple knives today part 2 :)

    Ernie, Very nice, the pattern and color of the scales works great with the blade. A couple of name ideas based on the shape of the blade. 1) a tooth of a big cat (lion, tiger, etc.) 2) What type of peppers does IG use in his HT relish? Anyway, just a thought. I like the knife.
  3. R.Keith

    HEY GUYS! Remember what Monday is....

    Ed, Thanks for the heads up. I got so wrapped up in installing a toilet seat riser and hand rails, and shower bench, I had forgotten about Monday. She gets a new knee on Wednesday but I'm sure she will enjoy the flowers until then. Now I've gotta go find the instructions on the washing...
  4. R.Keith

    Website up... for the most part

    Jesse, Just tried and both links on the first post worked fine. Using Internet Explorer with Windows 7, don't know what happened maybe my computer was as sleepy as I was.
  5. R.Keith

    Website up... for the most part

    Jesse, Can't get the link to work, but Googled and the 1st response goes right to your site. May just be my system. The Site is looking good. Keep us posted.
  6. R.Keith

    Questions about Lateral Strength

    Ed, If you do I'll buy a copy, and I think I remember the distal taper being explained well on your Basic Bladesmithing video also. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  7. R.Keith

    Future knifedog

    Congrats on the little one. He's a cutie.
  8. R.Keith

    Look whats on the way!

    Ed, Congrats on the new ride. Come On April.
  9. R.Keith

    Do you want a good laugh???

    That was great, Thanks IG.
  10. R.Keith

    AKA Custom Knife Show

    I'm in for next month. Got the tickets from Todd and joined the AKA and got an extra ticket. If anyone needs one, let me know. There's no secret handshake for KD's that I need to know about, is there?
  11. R.Keith


    Brad I said log, I actually meant large pieces of firewood with the bark on one side. I used a table saw and had to do some creative cutting to get the blocks down to size to then use the rip fence. Would have used a chainsaw but don't have one. Sawzall was my next choice if the...
  12. R.Keith


    IG, A friend dropped by with an oak log & black walnut log. I cut them up into blocks, about 1.5 x 1.75 by 6". Is there anything I need to do to them but let them air dry. I cut them all length wise this time. Next time I may try cross cutting or diagonal. Thanks in advance.
  13. R.Keith

    the hulk

    Can you get wheels to carry.. I mean ... roll that thing. Great finish. Very nice.
  14. R.Keith

    Secret Recipe

    Oww, Oww, Oww ...
  15. R.Keith

    What items would you carry in a basic survival kit?

    We added "QuickClot" clotting bandages and Coban wraps to ours. Pat, I like the Vitamin idea, we always think about food but not necessarily about nutrition. Good Call.
  16. R.Keith

    Secret Recipe

    Being a non-smoker myself, I didn't know it took that long to smoke one of them things. HEHEHE:biggrin: Sounds yummy IG, thanks for sharing.
  17. R.Keith

    Double bolster skinner

    Nice work Gill
  18. R.Keith

    After Sandblasting: What Now?

    Murph, Got it. I can do that. These are getting printed and going on the work bench. Thanks alot.
  19. R.Keith

    Harbor Freight 20% Off Coupon

    Thanks Steven