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  1. R.Keith

    After Sandblasting: What Now?

    Mom wants an old butcher knife "fixed up". After getting the scales off I found a lot of rust & corrosion. My attempts to sand were comical at best, so I took it to a local fellow who sandblasted it for me. He doesn't have any other media to blast with. So my question is: What type...
  2. R.Keith

    Steve Martin's: Atheists Don't Have No Songs

    We got a kick out of this. If it's not acceptable just delete.
  3. R.Keith

    If you're not the lead dog ...

    They Say: "If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes." This one's not so bad.
  4. R.Keith

    Forge HT'ing 1095

    Is there a post using pictures and hopefully small words to describe a reliable procedure for heat treating 1095 using a forge, McMaster-Carr 11 sec, and my wife's old toaster oven. I am finding great information here on the forum but haven't had it all sink in yet. I think I let my...
  5. R.Keith

    Hand Sanding Guru Needed

    Cut out and rough ground a blade today. Started sanding and it looks worse than when I started. I'm resigned to using alot of sandpaper, and I'm working on my patience but it's a little frustrating when you're excited about a project but the more you work on it the more it looks like...
  6. R.Keith

    First Knife

    I took a one on one knife making workshop at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, AR with a fellow named Tom Weir. It was a blast and Tom was a great teacher. This is the end result. I'm trying a solo effort at home now. It's sure a lot easier when you have all the equipment available.
  7. R.Keith

    Newby from Arkansas

    Hi All, I live in northeast Arkansas, and am just getting started in making knives. I've found a lot of good information here on the forum and will have plenty more questions as I learn. Since we've got a couple of German Shepherd Dogs, I thought Knife Dogs would be a good fit...