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    Which one would you buy?

    I have no problem with the D2 or S30V blades I use from Spyderco. I think they did the heat treat right on most of them and overall performance sets the standard in the industry for what you should expect at least as far as using a premium edge geometry cutting tool goes. Of these models I'd...
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    What are your thoughts on the Cold Steel American Lawman?

    I think it is a great beater upper and should be in every knife knife nuts user list. The things are quite capable no matter which generation you buy. I'm sure many hate the fact that they have set the bar higher with lock performance but the facts speak for themselves. Its a solid product and a...
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    Armadillo Whittler

    Somethin came to me in the mail the other day that I ordered a while back from Jerry Barlow down in Watts Oklahoma. I've bought several whittlers from Jerry now over the time I've lived here and this is my latest one from him, this one a Case 6308 pattern. This is a 1.5 ounce split back...
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    Fantoni Harsey HB-01

    I had a Harsey D2 DA auto for a while and it was a super knife! My only complaint about it was the traction grooves which were quite aggressive for a bear hand in heavy cuts. Other than this I really loved it a lot. It was big but nice. I'm sure that one is too. I've never been real fond of...
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    Simple kiridashi

    Nice piece of work there. I like the Kiradashi in general but the longer more streamlined versions like yours appeal to me much more and are far more useful to me anyway than the short stubby looking ones. That one is just a few steps away from being a friction folder or if done a bit wider with...
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    Re-profiling bevel angles. When?

    When the edge becomes fat. Thats when I reprofile. Then its going to slice again and be good for a good while with regular maintenance on a Sharpmaker or Diamond Pad DMT sharpener until it gets fat again and once its obtuse to the point I'm noticing it doesn't slice as well as it did in the past...
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    Modifying Pinned pivots to screws

    Sorry I just now saw this post. I've done it a few times for people carrying Spydercos or some other FRN/Zytel type knife and even some Ti and aluminum model knives that were pinned. It varied how folks wanted it. Some wanted just to be able to take th blade out when they wanted and/or alleviate...
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    Production knife watch 2010

    Kabar Dozier Phat Bob! Get one. Great knife! Super great actually. I liked the one I ordered from Grand Prairie knives so much I ordered a second one! Congrats on that one Bob! If you happen to catch this post Kabar knocked one out of the park for you on that one. Made in Taiwan or not thats...
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    Just saying from Oklahoma

    Welcome to kdogs Cody. STR
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    What's your production EDC today?

    I had a Lum mailed to me like that one last week. Wish they made that one in a different blade shape because thats a fine knife! I can't say I liked the pocket clip position but I do like how they incorporated a lock block with it.2thumbs STR
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    Anyone else fancy 'None reflective Blade' folders?

    One of my pet peves is seeing finger prints easily on the blades and bolsters or other parts of the knives I carry or use. I hate seeing finger prints all the time so to me a subdued finish is much preferred. I've noticed on some knives that have black blades, depending on the way the finish was...
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    Hello From Oklahoma

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy all this place has to offer. There is a lot of combined knowledge hanging here on any given day. STR
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    Mini Mll sugggestions, opinions.

    I have the Harbor Freight Mini Mill and after converting it to the belt drive I do like it a whole lot and its a whole lot quieter now than it was with the gears but more importantly its more forgiving and more durable to those shocks from going too deep too fast with something on occasion...
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    What's your production EDC today?

    Here ya go with some pics of my users for both the PK knives as well as the Sportsmans although all these are the clip blade models. My drop point models are new in the box and tucked away with the duplicates of all shown here and I only have one D in the Sportsman II and the PK 2 each. To my...
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    What's your production EDC today?

    Yes. I too updated my arsenal with the advent of the pocket clip and opening hole or stud. With that 'safety pause' feature all these old Gerbers had going on it was a bit funky to one hand open them but you got used to it. I did anyways. Gerber made three models of the same knife they...
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    What's your production EDC today?

    Of course its not quite this clean anymore. I actually own four of these model 6101s all various ages and all NIB with the exception of this one here that I updated just for myself back when I bought it new. Don't hold me to this but I think it was 1988. These old Gerber Sportsman I models are...
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    Tactical Titanium Spatula

    Your're welcome! Nice handle and finish! STR
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    Hello from Oklahoma, another newbie!

    Welcome to Knifedogs.2thumbs STR
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    My First Mod/Repair

    Looks great to me! Thats a modification and repair. I like it better than the original personally. 2thumbs STR
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    Stellite 6K and Ti Slipjoint

    Love it! Really cool little folder Dave STR