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    My Refurbished Bandsaw

    Hey Guys, Here is one of my recent rehab projects for my new knife shop. It is a 1950 Atlas 12" bandsaw I found it on Craigslist for a price I couldn't refuse. I totally disassembled the saw and started media blasting all the parts, I then used an epoxy primer and then a modified acrylic...
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    Orange g-10

    Hey guy's I need a little help on locating some G-10 in a bright orange color? Thanks Mike
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    Just letting everyone know that i found a wilton square wheel with many attachments if anyone is interested. EBAY item #260588571688 Good luck, Mike
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    Conversion 4 surface grinder

    Hey guys, I seen pic's of surface grinders that were converted to run 2x72 belts. Can't remember where any help would be appreciated.
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    Surface grinder help

    Hey dogz, I found a Harig surface grinder 6x12 , compound sine chuck with dual magnets, 220 3phase. I dont have 3 phase in my shop i have 220 single phase. Is it possible to use a vfd controller? Thank you Mike
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    Adhesive questions

    Hey guys, Has anyone used the T-88 structural epoxy by System Three? Would like to use it when i put my G-10 scales to 440c. What kind of prep work is best for this set up. Thanks, Mike
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    Hole size for pins

    Hey guys, I'm getting ready to Epoxy my scales on. Is there a rule of thumb to go by as far as this size pin takes this size bit. Thankx, Mike
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    Hey dogs, I have a ceramic knife that was packaged with no edge on it. Are these kind of blades hard to sharpen. If anyone has any pointers I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Mike
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    Horizontal Edge Grinder

    Hey dogz!! I have been looking pretty hard for a horizontal belt grinder not to many out there. The one that really catches my eye is the one that rob over there at Beaumont metal works machines out. That thing looks bullet proof like everything else he makes. Does anyone own one the...
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    New dog here

    hello from colorado name Mike Craig I have been in the structual repair & ground stabilization business for 26 yrs. My wife made it into dental school in MN. she is doing fantastic I know she will become a great DDS. My son is graduating this yr and going off to college on a baseball...