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  1. opaul

    What goes with your knife package?

    I put my knives in a round mailing tube cut to length for the knife. I put a type written knife care and thank you receipt, folded and tucked in the belt loop of the k I’ve sheath. I affix my OPKnives logo to the outside of the mailing tube.
  2. opaul


    Ok this thread is going .......? Let me ask you this - how many of you older gentleman wore bell bottom jeans and later leisure suits hmmmm?
  3. opaul


    Well if a kilt was good enough to catch Clair’s attention on Outlander- then Jamie Frazier knows his stuff. ;)
  4. opaul

    WARNING - Potential 3M Filter Fraud Alert

    it’s a dang shame that we even have to worry about things like this. Seems some folks spend a lot of effort to (excuse me) screw people. I guess buyer beware was coined for that specific behavior. Thanks for posting and the heads up.
  5. opaul

    S.O.S warning the image maybe disturbing.

    Make big matching serrations! No seriously I can’t see repairing that damage. What happen BTW?
  6. opaul

    Possible Logo

    My bad. ;)
  7. opaul

    Possible Logo

    I think it’s to busy for my liking but that’s just my opinion. I’ve seen some makers marks that look more like billboards.
  8. opaul

    Silly Question -- Mill Scale?

    I read the initial post incorrectly. I was thinking heat treat scale, thus my answer. Yes. I do remove the mill scale and flatten/true the blade before stock removal.
  9. opaul

    Silly Question -- Mill Scale?

    From your question Im not sure what your process steps are. But here is mine. I do most of my grinding pre-heat treat. When I have the blade ready I heat treat and quench. I remove scale prior to tempering with a combination of grinder and hand sanding. Then it’s final grinding - fit and finish...
  10. opaul

    KITH From BossDog

    I certainly apologize for being late posting this one of a kind KITH from the Boss. But that didn't keep me from enjoying it from the time I received it. This is one smooth, light and handy edc addition for me. I love it! Thanks Boss!! Here it is right at home with some of my other favorites.
  11. opaul

    Testing An Idea With A 2x72

    It looks fantastic! You definitely knocked it outside of the park as far as the uniformity. Not only that it’s a fine looking blade.
  12. opaul

    New H/T Oven

    I follow the generally accepted soak times. I let the kiln reach the set point and put the blade in and wait the required time.
  13. opaul

    Brass black pins

    If you’re confident that the black will not wear off that would be the way to go. Having never used it I can’t comment on trying to use it after the pins have been installed- seems like it might get messy. I’ve use both carbon fiber and micarta pins with no issue. How large a knife are you making?
  14. opaul

    what is your EDC knife?

    My woods hiking knife is one I made - I wear it most weekends.
  15. opaul

    Surface plate

    I purchased a granite slab from Wood Workers Supply on sell a couple of years ago. I think it’s 18x18x3”. I use it all the time.
  16. opaul

    New sheath maker

    If he did the carving he has got talent for leather work!
  17. opaul

    what is your EDC knife?

    Love my Spyderco for EDC.
  18. opaul

    Stuck Drill Bit

    Can you drill from the opposite end with a little larger bit until you meet the stuck bit and then try driving it out from the original drill hole.
  19. opaul

    Surface plate

    I used to lift that before breakfast before I walked to school - 10 miles - in the snow.
  20. opaul

    Surface plate