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    New to knife building... heres my attemtp

    Hi, A great job on your first blade. Thanks for posting the pics of the nail nick cutter and the jig.They are extremely helpful as I am close to grinding my first pocket knife blade. I have made fixed blades but pocket knife blades are a whole different ketle of fish. It will be a replacement...
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    I hope to make a Camillus pocket knife vice

    Hi Drew, Thanks heaps mate. That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for making the effort to provide me with this information. It tells me everything I wanted to know. It is little tools like this one this one that make bench tasks so much easier to perform. A happy Xmas...
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    I hope to make a Camillus pocket knife vice

    I am a wannabee pocket knife repair person. I have seen pics of a Camillus knife vice which looks like a slingshot frame as it lays on the bench. I am seeking the view of the attached internal fittings that act on the knife as it holds the it. Do the fittings or projections push on the vice...
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    Thank you for the reply Boss Dog, Now knowing that the pivot pins I will see in repairing a folder will be precision machined I would now surmise there needs to be a procedure. Can you elaborate further on "solid' pins.are they just plain precision solid stock and cut to length and fitted as...
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    Hi Ian, It will be good to talk pocketknives with you. I am in Mackay North Queensland. My email...

    Hi Ian, It will be good to talk pocketknives with you. I am in Mackay North Queensland. My email is I do look forward to collaborating with you. Grahame
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    Thank you Ed and Ian both, for your replies. Ian, its good to know there are more than two Aussies other than myself, interested in pocket knife repair. I will send you a PM. My interest is primarily in Traditional knives. Ed, Your practical knowledge regarding how precise these pivot pins...
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    hi Ian , Thanks for your reply Given that I intend making and repairing traditional folders I guess I am trying to minimize the stock diameters I need to have at hand. From what I see small knife - small pins and same for a large knife - large pins . Do knives generally use the same stock...
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    Hi Guys, It is the blade pivot pins I am mainly concerned with. Sure! I know they come in brass and SS but do pivot pins have a consistent diameter or does this vary according to the physical size of the knife.? I am grateful for what ever you can tell me about this subject, Grahame
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    Norwegian living in Sydney

    Nice axe Bjorn ! Some of the muzzleloading reprobates I hang out with would love to own an axe like that . I have recently done business with you and it was a good experience. Grahame
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    Yet another bloody Aussie

    G day. I am a retiree who has only been interested in knives and particularly folding knives or pocket knives as Aussies call them for 60 odd years. My background is that of a metal fabrication tradesman who became a teacher,coded welder and NDT inspector along the way. I am fortunate enough to...