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    Heat treating in a kiln

    Ok so when you guys heat treat I'm sure you know when you out the blade in the temps drop and you have to wait 5-10 min for the temp to get back up to targets temp. Is that long enough for the steel to soak and be that tempera? So say when doing 1084 I fire it up to 1485 Put the blade in then...
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    Update photo on belt knife in 1084

    Working on the plunge line shoulders. How do you guys keep the shoulder where the bevel swoops clean? I get pretty good but want it perfect. I either have scratches going up and down on the flat of the plunge or left and right in the bevel. I scribe my sandpaper so it's flat on a flat sanding...
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    1084 w ghost jade g10

    Here is a knife I made in 1084 w ghost jade g10. It has stainless pins and tube and kydex sheath made by me as well w tek lok. I have been making knives for a year now. Also I am not good at taking pics yet
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    1084 heat treat

    Hey guys. This is my first non intro post. I am a knife maker from northern Michigan. I do stock removal. I want to find out what everyone's recipe for heat treat on 1084 is. I use aldos 1084. Please include normalizing and Thermo cycles and temper. thanks guys. Jon I normally do...
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    New from northern Michigan

    Hey guys Jon here. I'm from the Petoskey area in northern Michigan. I have been making knives for about a year now. Been a great journey. If it weren't for Tim zowada I would be in trouble. I have a 2x72 and an even heat kiln so I'm very lucky to be where I am. I have so much to learn and am...