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  1. Chris Railey

    Possible Logo

    That was my worry when I ordered it but I have not noticed anything like that in my stamp.
  2. Chris Railey

    Metal Cutting Bandsaw

    Yeah I was looking at the GO704 as the possible buy. I do not have a ton of space in the shop so I was going on the small side but not the smallest.
  3. Chris Railey

    Metal Cutting Bandsaw

    That is a nice saw. I imagine it would cut up one of your huge cannisters well...I am looking at the Grizzly mills currently because of the sale.
  4. Chris Railey

    YOUR Shop!

    A mill is on my short list of stuff to add to the shop. I do not know how to use one but I need one...
  5. Chris Railey

    Possible Logo I use this one. I have stamped every knife I have made for a year and it shows no sign of wear yet. I like the ability to order different...
  6. Chris Railey

    Possible Logo

    On my stock removal blades, I cold stamp my name after I clean the mill scale off of the profiled blank but before any HT. That way the letters show up black. I like your logo by the way. If it were mine I would put a Walrus in the middle...Walrus are cool.
  7. Chris Railey

    cable damascus

    Good luck with it. Damascus is fun...
  8. Chris Railey

    YOUR Shop!

    Wouldn't cutting them up green cause the pieces to check worse as they dried? I ask because a friend of mine recently cut three large burls off of a Cherry tree and I get to have them for free. I was thinking to let the burls dry for about a year then cut them up so they do not check so badly.
  9. Chris Railey

    Silly Question -- Mill Scale?

    For my stock removal knives I do. I like to have 90% of my ricasso area sanded before HT so I find it easier to sand the profiled blank to 400-600 grit early. I do all of that on my grinder. It also help me to know I am starting with relatively flat blanks too.
  10. Chris Railey

    YOUR Shop!

    Thats cheating...I did not clean up first!
  11. Chris Railey

    YOUR Shop!

    I have a fire extinguisher and two five gallon buckets of water in the shop at all times. If you forge steel you better have something ready. You are one flying piece of hot steel away from trouble.
  12. Chris Railey

    Brass black pins

    You could use black bolts and just recess them in the handle material some BUT that would allow blood, fat and stuff to collect there perhaps a bad thing for a skinner. I would use the Micarta Or G-10 pins myself.
  13. Chris Railey

    Brass black pins

    The brass black will wear over time and I am not sure if Tru-Oil will help that process or not. If the Buffalo Horn is stabilized the brass black “should” not affect its color if not there are no guarantees the horn will look the same around your bolts. Tape will not stop all of the brass...
  14. Chris Railey

    Who is using a HF Metal cutting bandsaw?

    Yep, I am ordering that...Thanks
  15. Chris Railey

    Heikki’s KITH WIP for Nick Schreiber

    Slow is slow...Not having to start over is fast...
  16. Chris Railey

    YOUR Shop!

    I hit the Rattler with a bush hawg. Waste not and all... The shop is a culmination of 10 or 11 years of save some buy some.
  17. Chris Railey

    YOUR Shop!

    Its the maid’s year off...
  18. Chris Railey

    Simple Tip For New Knifemakers

    Coarsely break a popsicle stick in half. The remaining splintered edges are perfect to get in those small spaces for epoxy removal. That was Boss Dawg’s idea not mine.
  19. Chris Railey

    Got an “in-use” picture from a customer

    This was a Birthday gift commissioned by his wife. It is the big bowie y'all helped me get curvy. They picked it up this morning and she sent me a message saying he had to cut something with it.
  20. Chris Railey

    Good Boning Knife template

    I have seen those guys. They seem to know how to break an animal down.