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  1. theblindog

    I'm cured!!! No more collecting knives!!!

    Hi JD, Sorry, not yet. Just starting collecting these now, so I'm gonna stick to it for now.:biggrin: thanks for looking
  2. theblindog

    I'm cured!!! No more collecting knives!!!

    well...not exactly...just took a different route.:biggrin: I'm starting to narrow down my collection to Traditional folding knives now slip joints to be exact here's some...
  3. theblindog

    Swayback Shadow

    Great knife, and a matching pouch? superb!!
  4. theblindog

    This knife realy does have scales.

    it sure does!!!
  5. theblindog

    Got a new 2-blade trapper!!!

    Beautiful Don, Great job!
  6. theblindog

    My Own Humble Collection

    I like the stockman with white scale, what brand is it?
  7. theblindog

    Indonesian Damascus Blades

    These blades are posted in many forums. 1. Parang Candung OAL : 17" Blade : Spring Steel, Chainsaw Steel. Handle : Julang Wood (Afzelia javanica), Brass. Sheaths : Julang Wood (Afzelia javanica). Price : $200 + Shipping. 2. Kujang OAL : 15.52" Blade ...
  8. theblindog

    Hi pack

    HI Randy, nice to meet you here, remember me? O1 with blur handle? My first custom knife? the very annoying customer with the limited budget? LOL. God Bless you and yours
  9. theblindog

    Hi pack

    Thank you for the warms welcome...i had posted my knives,some i bought, some i made.....enjoy. AKO what i'm posting here is some of my works, but im using my brother (FALAH) account, he helped me with translating, uploading pic, etc. for am spending much of my time in the "kitchen" and my...
  10. theblindog

    Ankle twist

    Now That's A Knife!!! #dundee voice
  11. theblindog

    A few more knives & stuff (pic heavy)

    love that southwestern dogs!!! and that Hawk seem delicious for throwing....:)
  12. theblindog

    Martin Mini Trapper in Walrus Ivory

  13. theblindog


    WTB a case/bose with stag handle. FG
  14. theblindog

    Damascus Necker

    thank you dawgs!
  15. theblindog

    Damascus Monster

    FYI the new owner of this blade said he use it to open a locked door once...LOL
  16. theblindog

    Throwing knives

    thank you all. Rudy, they fly like sweeeeeeetttttt........:7: your blades are very nice the orange handle :5:
  17. theblindog

    Bowie wannabe

    thank you for all the comments. and yes, a Lady Bowie it is than!! LOL
  18. theblindog

    Hand forged GOLOK

    Thank you all, other than 01 I use W2 and chainsaw steel to create damascus patern, but it's hand-forged, so spare me if I can't make the exact same patern for each blade I made. as for more pic, sorry...the golok has a new owner now....:) Godbless FG