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  1. theblindog

    I'm cured!!! No more collecting knives!!!

    well...not exactly...just took a different route.:biggrin: I'm starting to narrow down my collection to Traditional folding knives now slip joints to be exact here's some...
  2. theblindog

    Indonesian Damascus Blades

    These blades are posted in many forums. 1. Parang Candung OAL : 17" Blade : Spring Steel, Chainsaw Steel. Handle : Julang Wood (Afzelia javanica), Brass. Sheaths : Julang Wood (Afzelia javanica). Price : $200 + Shipping. 2. Kujang OAL : 15.52" Blade ...
  3. theblindog


    WTB a case/bose with stag handle. FG
  4. theblindog

    Bowie wannabe

    Trying to make a bowie here..but this is how its turn out..:2: enjoy
  5. theblindog

    Trisula Damascus

    Out of a comic book!! sorry bout that.:biggrin: enjoy
  6. theblindog

    Throwing knives

    hand forged from W2 enjoy
  7. theblindog

    Damascus Necker

    hand-forged damascus necker enjoy
  8. theblindog

    Damascus Monster

    Made this one by customer request design enjoy
  9. theblindog

    Hand forged GOLOK

    hi dogs..this is my latest project Blade: Damascus 01 enjoy
  10. theblindog

    my traditional collection

    hi packs...these are some of my traditional blade. enjoy FG
  11. theblindog

    Case/bose ?

    hi packs... any dog here knows where i could get a case/bose cotton sampler or dogleg jack with stag handle? ...please? regards FG
  12. theblindog

    just starting...

    hi, i'm just starting here...these are some of my knives :1:
  13. theblindog

    Hi pack

    my name is Falah, i'm from Indonesia, am a full-time Art director and a life time Knives Enthusiast (that's mean I'm just a knife user who like a good blade i can rely on). hope to learn a lot from you guys. thx FG "let it be a knife"