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  1. Bob Warner

    RIP Larry Harley

    Larry Passed Last night.
  2. Bob Warner

    Heaven waited until Gene was ready. Gene Osborn passed away at 9:15pm 11-09-2011 RIP

    Gene Osborn of Center Cross Metal Works was just 51 years old when he went "HOME" as he wanted. Gene's wife Mellenie called me today and told me that Gene had taken a turn for the worst and that I needed to come and see him. I left right away and went to see Gene. Gene was unresponsive when I...
  3. Bob Warner

    To the great people of this forum.

    I would like to thank the people of this forum for their long term support I have been lucky enough to receive. You guys have given me a lot of help recently and I know you have been expecting to see knives out for me already but I have been working on two potential income opportunities that...
  4. Bob Warner


    OK, I admit I am not the best Photographer out there but here are a couple photos I took a little while ago.
  5. Bob Warner

    25# Little Giant Power Hammer for sale on Craigslist in OKlahoma
  6. Bob Warner

    Thinking out of the box WAY OUT

    Hey guys. Just wanted to give you guys a little information on a project I am working on with a good friend. One of the things I have always wanted to do is to make an impact on this planet in a positive way. I have done some things that have helped people in the past and have definitely been...
  7. Bob Warner

    Update from ............................................ME!

    Hey guys, Bet you all thought I fell off the planet. Several people sent me a few supplies and I thank them all. Why haven't you guys seen any knives from me yet? Well, I have been busy. I was lucky enough to get in on a welding job (several different jobs for the same guy) that has...
  8. Bob Warner

    First Chilean Miner was just brought out.

    The first guy is out. Looks like he is in good shape. I hope the rescue capsule can handle the 37 more trips it has to make and that nobody gets hurt or suffers any serious medical conditions. I can't wait to see the movie, you know there will be one.
  9. Bob Warner

    Any welders want to trade?

    Hey guys, I am looking to find a trade for a TIG welder if anyone has one they don't use. AC/DC preferred so I can do Aluminum as well as other materials. I have a huge air compressor (3 phase and the stuff for a rotary converter) and a pressure washer (2500psi with Honda engine) I can...
  10. Bob Warner

    A lot of guys with medical issues lately

    Hey guys, I hope all that are having problems right now get them all cleared up and do not have any ongoing issues and that everyone lives a good long time. I do have a question for you guys and the guys luckily enough to still be completely healthy. I know some people here have day...
  11. Bob Warner

    Nobody likes lockbacks?

    I have looked around a lot here and find very few lockbacks. Why do so few people make them? When I started investigating making folders everyone said that liner locks are easier to make; Is that the reason so few make lock backs? I prefer lock backs in general and wonder if others just...
  12. Bob Warner

    Had to modify an old tool into a new tool today.

    As many of you know I have always made fixed blades. I used an angle grinder to cut fairly close to profile and then ground the profile to shape and proceeded with the rest of the knife build. Well now I am taking a shot at building a folder and need to conserve materials (damascus) as much...
  13. Bob Warner

    Anyone know about old pianos and if the keys are ivory?

    I can get an old piano for free. I do not know how old it is and am curious what the chances are the key have ivory on them. I also do not know how thick the ivory on key is but I would think they would work for folder scales. Anyone know anything about this? Here is the ad for the...
  14. Bob Warner

    Pivot pins for scale release - different form regular pins?

    Hey guys, Are the pivot pins used for scale release autos different than the 1/8" barrel pins? Are they a step of some sort? Also the pivot for the lock bar, What is the best method to mount this since it will only be mounted on one side? Just a flat head screw and thread lock? Thanks...
  15. Bob Warner

    Question about screw sizes and drill bits

    OK guys, I have been reading and looking through a lot of charts on the web. I am having a bit of trouble with screw/drill sizing. Is there a chart that anyone knows of that will give me the following information for the most commonly used folder screws? For example: If I want to use a...
  16. Bob Warner

    Ever hit a roadblock that you just can't seen to get past?- or how to make a folder!

    I have been making knives since 1993 and have made a lot of them. None of them are folders. Why? Because I just cannot wrap my head around folders. I have read every tutorial I can find on making folders. I have watched Chris Crawfords video on autos and have read several books on it. For some...
  17. Bob Warner

    Giraffe Bone

    I have a Giraffe bone that is dried out about half way in. The center half still is greasy. I cut off one end of the bone and then a 1" slice off and boiled the thing forever and it really did not seem to do much to it. I am impatient and don't want to throw it on the shop roof and wait a...
  18. Bob Warner

    Considering a tomahawk

    I am considering making a tomahawk. I have never made one before and think I want to give it a shot. I am not concerned too much about the forging and there are a million out there for shape ideas. Unfortunately I do not have a drift and wonder if others have made them without a drift. I want...
  19. Bob Warner

    I finally forged after over 4 years

    Well guys I finally felt the hot steel under the hammer after 4 and a half years. Could not last to long but got a couple trinkets done. These are small spikes 3-3/4" long and 3/8 shaft size. These may be worth cleaning up a bit more and selling them, we will see. I may make some more since...
  20. Bob Warner

    Question on vertical forges

    Hello all, I have been out of knifemaking for a while and just built a two burner (venturi) horizontal forge for general forging. It is a big forge but I do more than just knifemaking. An example is the twisted door handles below. Anyway, back to the vertical forge. I want to build a...