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  1. Chris Railey

    Got an “in-use” picture from a customer

    This was a Birthday gift commissioned by his wife. It is the big bowie y'all helped me get curvy. They picked it up this morning and she sent me a message saying he had to cut something with it.
  2. Chris Railey

    Good Boning Knife template

    I am learning to PROPERLY butcher animals, not just cut hunks of meat off and do something with it but actually properly separating muscle groups and learning what cuts come form each muscle group. Of course, this gives me an excuse to make all new butchering knives starting with a boning...
  3. Chris Railey

    Who is using a HF Metal cutting bandsaw?

    I remember seeing something about being able to use the HF bandsaw vertical. Who is doing this and is it superior enough to a porta-band set up to justify the $175 I will pay for it? Thanks.
  4. Chris Railey

    Help, she needs curves. MORE NEW PICTURES

    This is a commission from a customer who wanted a large canister Damascus Bowie. Its large and its a Bowie but is blah. Anyone care to draw some suggestions on the picture and post them here? Please. The tang end will be cleaned up and shaped for a guard etc. (framed handle) but I want to...
  5. Chris Railey

    How I grind a distal tapered full tang

    I was asked by a friend to post my process for grinding a distal taper in a full tang knife. I do not do this on all knives but I do it on most. For me, it is how I control the balance point of the knife. I start by making three marks on the spine of my knife in the tang area. It also helps...
  6. Chris Railey

    Question for those running a KBAC 27D.

    What is your boost pentameter set at? If it were a clock where do you have it set? I am wondering if I had my boost set too high and that is what caused my 27D to fry again. The tech support people said it looked like over-voltage caused it. We all know for now, I only have a 60 amp service...
  7. Chris Railey

    Anyone heard of Hercules anvils?

    The price is right on this one. Edges are perfect but never heard of Hercules anvils. Anyone have info?
  8. Chris Railey

    Where is Opaul?

    Anyone heard from Opaul lately?
  9. Chris Railey

    A Brief moment of intelligence

    This will not help you make knives it is a blacksmith tip on something I made up today in my shop. If you are like me I hate applying a hot oil finish with an oily rag because the oil gets all over my hands. I love how it looks though. In some cases its the only food safe finish to seal up...
  10. Chris Railey

    Cool Slow motion video of water (and Oil) quench.

    Watch the scale blow off of the water quench and show still red steel underneath. This is why we leave the knife in the quench and agitate it instead of doing it FIF style...
  11. Chris Railey

    If you would like to take your Guard/spacer/handle fit up to the next level...

    Watch this video. I do not know this Kyle Royer cat so I happened up on his video while doing some research. He sure can fit a guard. In this video he shows how to get perfect fit with inexpensive tools. I know we have discussed most of the method here but seeing him do it really helped me...
  12. Chris Railey

    Need a little help with a very cool project...

    In the coming weeks I will be making a cane sword. Really cool project and I have everything laid out in my mind EXCEPT how the top of the handle will attach to the cane/sheath part so it will function as a proper cane. I thought about recessing strong magnets in both pieces to make the...
  13. Chris Railey

    Chris’ KITH (For Gene Kimi) DONE

    Started with this stuff. Its a bunch of cutoffs from my stock removal knives. I hate to waste stuff so I keep it all for canister. I have a small bucket full of this stuff all good steel. I cleaned it all up and bent it or cut it to fit in the canister. Then packed in the 1084 with 4%Nickel...
  14. Chris Railey

    A completely unsolicited plug to help wanna be steel nerds

    If you are like I am and trying to learn a little more about chemistry and physics involved in manipulating the various characteristics of steel using heat then this is a great free starting place. I stumbled on this while doing some research today. It just so happens that our resident steel...
  15. Chris Railey

    First canister underway

    I welded up some squaring dies for my press and got my canister set up. Its hot time.
  16. Chris Railey

    Does Dykem have a shelf life?

    My Dykem now tends to flake off now no matter what I do. Has it gone bad? Anyone else had this problem?
  17. Chris Railey

    Feeling San-Mai-ish today

    Its on...3/4 thick 1 1/4 wide 5 1/3 long. Mild steel and 1075. Hmmmmm maybe its for KITH 2020.
  18. Chris Railey

    A little throwback was good for me...

    I was contacted a few weeks ago by a friend of my wife's who wanted to know if I would give her 14 year old son a few pointers on blacksmithing. Turns out he built himself a forge and found a railroad track anvil and has been hammering everyday for many months. I cannot deny a kid wanting to...
  19. Chris Railey

    Twisted Damascus Question

    Every description I read about how to make twist Damascus reads basically the same way. Get it hot, twist it and forge it back flat. My question is how do you avoid cold shuts? Do you forge it back flat at welding heat?
  20. Chris Railey

    A quick reference for steel selection

    Based on recent topics posted by Mr. Cashen and because I have a HT oven now, I have been thinking about perhaps starting to better match my steel choice to the desired function (cutting, chopping, slicing etc.) instead of making everything from 10XX steels. I am also a big fan of not...