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    YOUR Shop!

    Did you test one?
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    Rice 2020 WIP

    Make the pins visable? Might be cool
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    Demagnetize my blade

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    Demagnetize my blade

    I made a knife and somehow it got magnetic I didn't notice until I had the handle on.any advise on demagnetizeimg?
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    Benjy's KITH BUILD

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    I need help classifying this knife

    It's pretty cool
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    What's going on in your shop?

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    Ladder question

    Thank you
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    Morland KITH 2020

    That looks awesome what is the steel?
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    Hi from Washington state

    Thank you.Yes I think I will
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    Hi from Washington state

    Is that a silver your holding?
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    Hi from Washington state

    Yeah they don't have but thank you
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    Kingery 2020 KITH

    I agree with all.You guys are great ! I've been on different sites and some people not very pleasant
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    Brad's KITH for Chris Reiley - Finished

    I only have one harbor freight anvil.
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    Hey, What Wood Is This?

    Could be cocobolo it looks awesome
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    Hi from Washington state

    Ty I will have to plan a trip down your way about 6hrs drive
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    Hi from Washington state

    RR tracks didn't pan out