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  1. Curtiss Knives

    Cruze XL linerlock

    Here's one I just finished up. Cruze XL linerlock with Chad's damascus. The scales are titanium that I carved to try and match the pattern of the blade. The blade rides on ceramic IKBS. I gave it a little spit shine. Hope ya like it and thanks for looking.
  2. Curtiss Knives

    God Bless our Military!

    Folks, I just needed to share this. It really hits home. A few days ago I received a call from a gentleman that said he had one of my knives and it needed repaired. I asked him what was wrong with it and which knife it is. He replied that it was a Convicted folder and that it was his son's...
  3. Curtiss Knives

    A pair of Curtiss Knives CRUZE XL's

    Both knives are 9" open, 5" closed with a 4" blade. Both have IKBS on a .25" pivot riding on grade 5 ceramic balls. They also have a ceramic grade 5 detent ball, lock face carbidized and an internal stop pin. First up is the linerlock. It features front and rear titanium bolsters, titanium...
  4. Curtiss Knives

    Curtiss Knives CRUZE XL custom build

    Just finished this one. This is a custom order from Dave at Steel Treasure for on of his clients in Norway. The gentleman asked for a "blue jean" look. I hope I got it. This Cruze XL is a little different. It has grade 5 ceramic balls in the IKBS and also in the detent. They are extremely...
  5. Curtiss Knives

    Custom Hardware

    Anyone have a good source for custom pivots and hardware? I have my designs done and need to have them made.
  6. Curtiss Knives

    Curtiss Knives CRUZE XL

    Not long ago at Vegas, I had some of my CRUZE flippers with me. Lots of people handled them. Some made the comment on how cool it would be to make a bigger version of the same knife, so...ok. Here it is. The CRUZE XL! This is the first one. The knife is 9" opened, 5" closed with a 4" blade...
  7. Curtiss Knives


    Happy Birthday Boss! Have a great night...if ya know what I mean...hehe. :p
  8. Curtiss Knives

    WIP-New Linerlock set for USA Knifemakers

    Well its been a while since I posted. Been busy to the max lately getting ready for a show. Tracy and I have wanted to put out a new folder for a while after the Big Dog framelock we did. So without further a due, I give you the "PIT BULL". This is a design I created for Tracy to have in his...
  9. Curtiss Knives

    Help locating Jerry Sizemore

    Does anyone know Jerry Sizemore in Florida? I have e-mail with no response for months. I have some stuff that needs to be shipped to him, but I have no address or phone number. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Curtiss Knives

    "CONVICTED" linerlock

    Something out of the ordinary for me. A.C. Metsala damascus blade, bolsters. backspacer and carved clip (not shown yet). I rarely make a linerlock. Just have to finish the clip and sharpen it. Thanks for looking!
  11. Curtiss Knives

    Curtiss Knives "CONVICTED" flipper

    Here's another done. This is a knife I haven't done in a while. "CONVICTED". It's 8.90" opened, 5.25" closed with a 3.75" blade. This one has AKS bearings on the pivot. It also has an internal lock bar. Blade steel is 5/32" of CPM-S35VN. Thanks for looking!
  12. Curtiss Knives

    New son is here

    We have a new addition to the family. Our son, Cameron, was born 6/17 at 8pm. Feels like we have been at the hospital for days. He was a stubborn one. Both mom and baby are doing great. We should be home by Tuesday.
  13. Curtiss Knives

    Curtiss Knives "BMF" flipper

    Some may remember this knife from a while back. Well I re-did the blade and a few other minor changes. The knife is 9" open, 5.20" closed with a 3.75" blade. It uses .157" thick CPM-154 for the blade and rides on a .25" pivot with IKBS and an internal stop pin. Frames are carved and...
  14. Curtiss Knives

    Curtiss Knives "CRUZE" flipper #2

    The first one went together nicely, so time to start some frame texturing. The knife is 8.00" open, 4.45" closed with a 3.00" cutting edge. Frames are .160" ti contoured with a carved clip an solid backspacer finished with a oval texture. IKBS on a .25" pivot with an internal stop...
  15. Curtiss Knives

    Curtiss Knives "CRUZE" flipper

    Here is the "CRUZE" flipper. It is 8.00" open, 4.45" closed with a 3.00" cutting edge. Frames are .160" ti contoured with a carved clip an solid backspacer finished in a pocket worn finish. IKBS on a .25" pivot with an internal stop pin. The blade is .125" CPM-S35VN. I have a lot in...
  16. Curtiss Knives

    No Blade Show for me knives

    Not going to Blade this year. We are having a baby at that time instead! Here are some F³ I just finished up. Thanks for looking and have a great time at Blade everyone!
  17. Curtiss Knives

    Memorial Day Salute

    Being a 12 year vet myself, Memorial Day is kinda special. Most of my family are veterans. I would like to give a salute to all veterans, past and present. Thank you for your service and our freedom. I'll have a beer (several) in your honor. So please join me in raising a glass and give a...
  18. Curtiss Knives

    FUEL Knives

    This is the FUEL Knives "IGNITE" model. These are a collaboration between Curtiss Knives and Turpin Knives. This knife features .160" thick titanium frames, .156" CPM-154 blade and IKBS. It is 8.09" open, 4.58" closed with a 3.25" cutting edge. Thanks for looking!
  19. Curtiss Knives

    F³ for me...maybe

    Finished up this one just a bit ago. I did a total stonewash finish for an industrial HD look. I really want to keep this one ...but I may have to let it go. To keep or not to keep? That is the question. Thanks for looking.
  20. Curtiss Knives

    Curtiss Knives "NANO" Framelock/Carbon Fiber

    I just finished this one. Here's the specs: Carbon Fiber presentation side-no liner-very light CPM-154 blade .125” thick with a high hollow grind satin finish Titanium lock side frame...