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  1. Entropy762

    Saw Blade Tomahawk

    A guy I work with gave me a bunch of saw blades from a local saw mill. It's mystery steel to me. I've few of these and gave them away. So far they have been used to cut bushes and kindling.
  2. Entropy762


    So my Dad came over to do some shooting yesterday. He asked to use the planer he had given me. We planed these two pieces of koa. Then he says "Go ahead and keep them." WOW! He used to use this wood for his knife handles.
  3. Entropy762

    I'm Fullered

    I made a fullering tool out of some scrap aluminum and an old file. Jacob
  4. Entropy762

    "Tactical" Tomahawk Request

    So one of my coworkers asked if I could make him a tactical tomahawk. Similar to the RMJ and that style. He wants the one piece style or integrated type. I don't know what steel to use. 5160 maybe. Any how where would a guy be able to find a piece of steel say 1/4"×8"×18" or so? Jacob
  5. Entropy762

    Liner Lock. Take 2.

    I've started on my second liner lock. This time I will concentrate on my process. The liners are going to be stainless steel and the blade will be 1095. I also procured some 1/16" ball bearings to use for the detent. Dang those things are small. Jake
  6. Entropy762

    A Question About Folder

    I finished my first liner lock and plan to make some more. When I had the knife mocked the blade was centered between the liners when closed. After the final assembly the blade is pushed to one side. How do you guys prevent this? Thanks. Jake
  7. Entropy762

    First Folder. Worts and All.

    Finished my first folder. From CAD to cutting steel. A lot of firsts with this one. Self criticism soon to follow. Jake
  8. Entropy762

    First Folder. Now a WIP

    Well after messing around with the Draftsight CAD program I came up with a rough design for a liner lock. The blade is O1 and still needs work. The liners are from a sheet of SS I got at work. Unfortunately it seems non heat treatable so I have come up with a way to lock the blade open. This is...
  9. Entropy762

    Yew Wood for Scales

    Hey guys. A guy that I work with offered me some yew wood for knife handles. Has anyone used yew for handles? I've never have seen yew wood. Jake
  10. Entropy762

    Help with heat treat oven math

    Ok. I finally took my janky heat treat pottery kiln apart. I'm building a heat treating oven using the fire bricks from the kiln. All of the controls are wired up, PID, K type thermocouple, SSR's ext. I figured out how to program the PID. So my new oven is fairly small with the interior...
  11. Entropy762

    HT Oven. Quick and Janky. A Plea for Help.

    So in the new knife makers section I showed a blade I made out of O1. It was "heated treated" in my little two brick forge and tempered in a toaster oven. The Knife Dog LRB suggested I need to do more research on the heat treatment of O1. So taking the advice from LRB it seems I need to give O1...
  12. Entropy762

    O1 Prototype. Quick and Dirty

    O1 Prototype. Evaluation The piece is 1/8" O1 heat treated to non magnetic and tempered for two one hour cycles at 375. This took the most time except waiting for the epoxy to cure. I probably spent 45 minutes grinding the bevels and it certainly shows. My grinder is a Craftsman 2X42 modified...
  13. Entropy762

    First Two Forged Knife Shaped Objects

    One of the other setup workers that I work with was about to throw a dozen or so old files in to the scrap. So they came home with me. I made a two brick forge and hammered these out of one file. I understand that where the file teeth are there could be stress risers. These are just two little...
  14. Entropy762

    O1 Steel From Online Metals

    I'm about to put in an order for some steel from Online Metals for a gun project. I noticed that they carry O1. Has any one used it? Jake
  15. Entropy762

    My First Two Blades Kinda Good Blades

    Hello. I've lurked here for a long time. These two are O1. Heated to nonmagnetic then quenched in warm canola oil. Tempered at 450. I still need practice on grinding even bevels and kydex work. Also practice in handle shaping. Any critiques or suggestions are welcome. Jake
  16. Entropy762

    Uses for an old kitchen stove?

    So I have this old stove on my back porch. I saw on a forum about metal casting that someone built a small furnace with salvaged heating coils from a kitchen stove. This got me thinking about if I can make a heattreating furnace or a tempering furnace for 10xx types of steel. Could I use this...
  17. Entropy762

    Hello Dogs

    My name is Jake Steiger. This is one of the best knife sites I've found. I just started doing stock removal blades a few months ago. After lots of filing I modified my Craftsman 2X42 in to a 2X48 with decent results. Any how I just wanted to say hello.