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  1. seved


    I finnished this hawk. I bought a set on Crazy Crow and modified it a bit.
  2. seved

    Tribal combo

    I finnished the chopper yesterday. I realy like this combo. Leather handle around carbonsteel UHB15LM.
  3. seved


    I bought two hawks from Crazy Crow a couple of years ago. At last i started to mod them. I am very exited.
  4. seved

    Some of my work

    Last year , choppers in 5160 steel.
  5. seved

    1050 steel

    Hi there folks, i have trouble to find 1050 steel. Any one know were i can get it. Seved
  6. seved

    Micarta or G10

    I am looking for G10 or Micarta, multicolored with many and fine layres. Any one know of it. Seved
  7. seved

    A Survival

    A new one i finished today. Its my survival model in CPM154CM, handle in crotched ash, from Michigan. Seved
  8. seved

    Drill and step barrels

    Is it any one that use this onesm if so how does it works. Seved
  9. seved


    i Have some problems to decide, what stainlessteel to choose. Since Uddeholm stoped to roling AEB-L to thicker sizes, i have to use another steel. I thinking of 154CM but havent any experince of it, since it not so common over here. What do you guys think of it. There is ATS34 and 440C i...
  10. seved

    Ht 1075

    I thinking on cut some small axes in 1075. How do i Ht it best. Seved
  11. seved

    Gun rig

    A while back i ordered a rig from Cliff Fendley. I wanted a autentic early rig, and i think its realy nice. Love it :biggrin: . Here is some pics. The cat wanted to be on a pic to :) Seved
  12. seved

    Is there any flyfishers here

    Its a new project i have. A vestknife for flyfishers. The steel is 440C and is 3,5 thick. I will drill three holes in the handle. Its going to be a skeleton. I will make kydexsheats for them. What do you guys think. Seved
  13. seved

    Quench blocks

    I am planing on buying some quenchblocks for stainlessteel. Is there any one that has a clever solutions on how to use them on a bench vise or simular. Seved
  14. seved

    A hudsonbay knife

    I made a replica of a Hudsonbay knife. Scalphunter helped me with pics and advices. I havent had time to make a sheat yet, but i work on one. What do you guys think of it. Seved
  15. seved

    Hardness on O1

    What is the best and most optimum hardness for O1. Seved
  16. seved

    Stainlessteel for choopers

    I have trouble to find a ss for choopers and i would like some advices on what steel to use. I have a 3,5 mm thick steel. But i would like a 1/4 or something. Is there any one know wich steel and were i can buy it. I would like if its not so expensive. Seved
  17. seved

    Very tapered Hunter

    I just finished a hunter, that have a very tapered tang so it get better balance. The steel is SS AEB-L. The scales is in natural G10 and the finish is blasted. Seved
  18. seved


    Is there anyone with experience of D2. I wonder if there is worth it to normalise it and at wich temp if so. I will make two test knives and see if i can get it sharp and not brake. I have heard so many say that it hold a bad edge forever.So i must test it.:D Seved
  19. seved

    303D Aluminum Oxide bands

    Have anyone used 3M 303D Aluminum Oxide 400 grits from sheffield knifemaking supply. Seved
  20. seved

    Hi folks

    I am new here so i thought i should introduce myself. I am living in sweden and make knives. Here are some pics of what i have made.