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  1. Casey Brown

    Fake Scammer Instagram Sites

    I just got followed by this user smith_blades_knives on Instagram. After looking at their website, I saw one of Lin Rhea's Bowie's and one of Bob Kramer's commercial chef knives listed for sale on their site. I let Lin know, and he actually DM'd the guy to ask how much for the knife. The guy...
  2. Casey Brown

    Grizzly Height Gauge

    Let me start off by saying wow. About a year and a half ago, I tried to buy a Grizzly 6" height gauge. They were back ordered, and I waited 6 months and finally gave up. Bought a $50 height gauge off of Amazon. Little did I know the difference. Having a carbide scriber is HUGE. Just got...
  3. Casey Brown

    Walnut Bird and Trout Knife

    Walnut Bird and Trout Knife 1075 Blade 416SS guard Stabilized walnut handle with 416SS pin.
  4. Casey Brown

    First "Tactical" Frame Handle Knife

    Parkerized 1075 Blade with Frame Handle Parkerized mild steel guard Black Micarta frame with Camo Ultrex Suretouch G10 Scales 416SS pins
  5. Casey Brown

    African Blackwood Hunter

    African Blackwood Hunter 1075 Blade with a radiused spine 416SS guard, black G10 and fluted 416SS spacers African Blackwood handle with a 416SS pin
  6. Casey Brown

    African Blackwood Hunter

    African Blackwood Hunter. 1075 blade with 416SS guard, G10 and fluted 416SS spacers, and a 416SS pin.
  7. Casey Brown

    Buckeye Burl Hunter

    This is a forged 1075 hunter, deferentially heat treated, with a 416SS and nickel silver guard, buckeye burl handle, and a 416SS pin.
  8. Casey Brown

    Desert Ironwood Fighter

    This is my first fighter. 1084, 416SS guard and pin, and desert Ironwood handle.
  9. Casey Brown

    Redwood Burl Camp Knife

    Just delivered this today. 1084 with stabilized redwood burl scales.
  10. Casey Brown

    Spalted Hornbeam Hunter

    This one is 1075 with a radiused spine, and 416SS guard. Just got the pictures back from the photographer.
  11. Casey Brown

    Desert Ironwood Hunter

    Newest one about to be sent to a customer. It's hard to tell from the photo, but I radiused the spine on this one.
  12. Casey Brown

    Help with an old military knife collection...

    I have a friend who's father passed away and had a pretty large collection of military style bayonets and knifes. Does anyone have any recommendations on someone who could potentially give estimates of values on a collection? I have no experience with the knife collection side of the house...
  13. Casey Brown

    Photo Layering on a new knife

    I'm trying a layering technique to see how that looks. Please give some feedback and suggestions. I'm consistently trying to adjust my photography techniques. This is a new style knife I'm trying. Stock removal stonewashed 1084 with multi-cam G10 scales.
  14. Casey Brown

    Kanca Anvils

    Centaur Forge has a 9% off sale on Kanca Anvils going right now. I have the 110lb anvil and love it. Wanted to pass along in case anyone was currently looking for a good deal on an anvil.
  15. Casey Brown

    Fun Year!

    Facebook just showed me that I forged my first forged knife a year ago today. I had done stock removal for about a year before that. Wanted to post that, and my most recent knife. Hopefully, I'll continue to improve over the next year like I did this year.
  16. Casey Brown

    Trying Something New

    I haven't done a stock removal knife now for over a year, and I wanted to try to see if I could make somewhat of a tactical style knife, fairly quickly so to speak. It generally takes me longer to forge something out right now to shape, than it does for me to just cut out the shape on the...
  17. Casey Brown

    Desert Ironwood Hunter

    This is a 1084 Desert Ironwood Hunter with 416 SS and Nickel-Silver multi-layer guard. It is my third hidden tang knife.
  18. Casey Brown


    So, I am finishing a blade out of 1084. Kind of interesting. Unfortunately, my grind was a little uneven leading up to heat treat. After heat treat, I ground one side more than the other to even out the grind. After finishing, and starting to hand sand, I've noticed on the side that I ground...
  19. Casey Brown

    Wrought Iron Question

    So, I've really liked the looks of some of the wrought iron guards that I have seen some people use. It looks really cool when etched. However, here's my question. Do you re-forge the wrought iron before you use it for your guard. I cut a piece and started slotting it for a guard, and...
  20. Casey Brown

    Well, dang.....

    Hamon's are a love/hate relationship right now. I think this one is too close to the edge for me to be comfortable giving it to someone else. I think I've kind of been struggling with being on the low side of temperature on my heat treats. I know I'm getting above non-magnetic, but think I've...