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  1. wall e

    Hello 220 my old friend

    I've come to work with you again As the belt dip line is slowly fading If I ground you true I would be sleeping. Now up the grits I am creeping Cause a smooth blade image is in my brain. Lol Had to have a lil fun since I upset the wifes apple cart and am taking a time to chill out and, "Oh...
  2. wall e

    Here I go on to the big world of kitchen blades.

    So my buddy was browsing my IG page before cooking class and his chef asked about a knife I made and used some of Smithy's oak he shared. I now have been tasked to make a 8-12" bladed chef in AEBL with a wa handle for her using some of the tiger wood I got from my buddy. I being of low...
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    I got caught off guard and ill prepared.

    Was talking with a gentleman the other day about hobbies and told him I started making knives as a hobby and was asked if I had one of mine on me. Duhhhh, No I don't. No I don't, WHAT THE HECK? How as a maker can you not carry a knife of your own making on you? That is the biggest way to display...
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    Little things that are essential in the shop

    I had a hare brained idea for a little lighthearted fun and also some info for beginners on Consumables that are necessity. So here are the basics we all know I believe; Sand paper,drill bits,pin stock,belts,handle materials,blade steel,guard stock,epoxy, and acetone. Some of the little givens...
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    Advice on soldering a brass guard to a old saw blade knife?

    I was given a knife blade with a guard fitted and soldered to it but the solder was cosmetic and ugly. I found out after I smoothed the solder to fit scales on it and the guard moved as I bumped the scale against it. Now I am in above my head or feel like I am. So HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPP. HELP ME...
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    Looking for a little input/reasurance

    Here is the start of the ironwood handle I want to put on moms knife. My quandry is to waste over half of this set by getting the character in the grain or Just go with my idea and try to match the curves of wood and the hanle. My idea
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    Moms new AEB-L skinner

    I was asked by my mom to make her a skinner like the Sharpfinger pattern, so like a good child I obliged. Started with .110 AEB-L and a cardboard template I set out to make a new to me patterned blade. Cut and profile time And clean up the lil bit of burs and scale on the steel before...
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    Simple question on the difference in .070 vs .065 AEB-L

    I'm planning on making some boning and possibly fillet knives and there is two options for AEB-L that I have found, .065 an .070. So I am trying to seek the wisdom of those who have used these before me. I'm having do the shoe strand budget maker thing. Is about a $20.00 difference in price.
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    I need to vent.

    Im frustrated and need to vent politely about the frustration of working what I have. The blasted belt dip is part of the learnimg curve and it happens to many I know but I just wanted a lil vent to those who understand. (The wife and kids don't)
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    Iron Wood tips please

    I bought a 3 pack of Iron wood scale sets and am about to start on the knife they go on, so I am seeking the vast wealth of knowledge amost all on here since each has probably run in to seperate issues with the wood. Thanks in advance.
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    Stacking Blanks on stock by hand

    So Im asking for a bit of advice,constructive criticism on making the most of your stock. So heres my first attempt. There are some lines stat intersect perfectly an a couple that are splitting scribe lines close.
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    Monkey pod wood Scales learning curve.

    So being the newb that I am I decided to use a new type of hardwood that was part of a package buy, Monkey Pod. Has the same colorings as walnut with some dark random stripes through it. The weight is less than walnut but tougher is what I have read. If any seasoned wise ones have any...
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    AEBL Warped by a pin hole

    So I have discovered the importance of straight even pin holes. On a knife I drilled a hole for the first pin and I accidentally partially removed some material, now there is a small warp in the same spot. It is .110 thickness material. Im of two minds but leaning twards the latter. 1. Use a...
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    Finally going to delve into a big boy grinder

    I have succesfully squirrelled away enough to build my grinder. I just am lost as to which of the entry level vfd's to get. Am planning to use a 110/220 motor so I can wire it for 110 till I get the shop built with the 220 power supply. Am askin for some advice. I know will I get what I pay for.
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    Monkey pod wood, Who has worked with it?

    I was digging through the wood bin and found a chunk of chocolate an tan wood, and it was monkey pod. Liked the grain and colors so Im going to give it a whirl. Researched the rot resistance and found it to be desired for out door use so I don't see a reason why not use it. Am asking if there...
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    A piece of history and family treasure headed my way.

    I was informed yesterday morning that my grandfather is giving me my great grandfathers hand crank bellows when, I get moved into our new house. Looks like I need to build a brake drum forge now. Just wanted to share my food news with those who would appreciate and understand it. Now getting...
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    Wood question

    Has any one seen this in a natural piece of wood? I cut up some oak that I acquired from moms front yard. It was a dead and rotten topped oak and have found 3 bugs in it so far. Lol I and my family are all wowed by the stream of pinks running through this piece.
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    Needing advice from the wise ones again

    Was asked by a buddy to make a beast of a knife and make it as tough as possible. My thoughts as well as available steel for this endevor is a 12" piece of 52100. I have seen videos of a blade being abused and it cut through hot roll .50" rod by batoning w a ball peen hammer. So my questions...
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    Sentimental knife for mom

    I know the amount of time I put into cutting and grinding this knife, I could have made two blades from annealed steel. With that said I made a planer blade knife for my mom just like my grandfather would have. He made her one years ago and it was lost in the house fire. So Iade her a...
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    Suggestions to not get cabin fever

    Thursday the 21st I go in to have a bone spur removed from my ankle. I am looking for suggestions to keep busy but yet not on my foot for 2 weeks. I know I am going to make it about 2 days and the wife will be after me to sit down and stay off my foot. I have one blade in the final handle...